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    D'accord. Pourriez-vous envoyer un message au support technique (lien dans ma signature) ? En parallèle, je vais me renseigner également et signaler le souci aux équipes.

    P.S. : Réinitialisez bien le nom du dossier.
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    Ok, je les contact directement en indiquant nos divers échanges. En attendant, je remets les caractères spéciaux dans le nom du dossier du jeu.
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    Bien de bonne choses tout sa !
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    Ubi-Cosmos une mis a jour est a venir pour corriger et modifier certains parametres ?

    Et je réitère mes propos, je connais un gros nombre de bugs sur le multi de Blacklist. A qui dois-je m'adresser pour que ce soit corrigé ?
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    Je n'ai pas d'informations au sujet d'éventuelles mises à jour supplémentaires.

    Pour les bugs, vous pouvez les répertorier sur le forum, je me chargerai de les notifier. Sinon, vous pouvez les indiquer au support technique (lien dans ma signature) qui génèrera également un rapport.
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    Voici la meilleure liste de bugs qui recense tous les problemes du multijoueurs. Ubi-Cosmos si vous pouvez la faire remonter ça serait une bonne chose pour esperer voir venir une mis a jour....
    Merci d'avance

    - Everything about this game is laggy. It is literally the laggiest game I’ve ever played on xbox live, including all the original xbox live games from 2003. This is pathetic for a graphically mediocre game that only supports 8 players max. It needs to be fixed.
    - Sometimes mines blow up immediately, sometimes they don’t.
    - Sometimes grenades blow up immediately, sometimes they don’t.
    - Sometimes you can survive a mine explosion, sometimes it will kill you through a wall.
    - ^ Same thing goes for grenades.
    - The hit detection on the spy and merc weapons is atrocious and makes evasion and the crappy cover system useless. Getting shot through walls goes beyond a general lag problem because it happens when you’re host also.
    - You can destroy a merc gadget/drone(and be awarded points) then get killed by that gadget/drone three seconds later.
    - Trophy systems will often ‘destroy’ grenades after they blow up.
    - Shooting a mine has a major delay and often causes frame rate lag.
    - The game crashes/freezes all the time. In the load screen, in the paladin, in the menus, in the game. It crashes more than any xbox or xbox 360 game I have ever played. I could play halo for 200 hours straight without a single crash, why is impossible for me to play blacklist for 1 evening without restarting my (brand new) console several times?

    - When searching with a party your teammates often get disconnected while searching.
    - When searching with a party your teammates will often get placed into different games.
    - When searching with a party your teammates often get put on the opposite team.
    - Lobby sometimes will get frozen “waiting for game to end” or when “balancing.”
    - The game will launch 2v3 and 3v4 even though there are plenty of people in the playlist
    - Ping to host is not displayed for the player
    - Game host is not identified at any point in the lobby or game.
    - Host is chosen with no regard to location/connection. For example, 1 UK player will get host instead of 7 New Yorkers in the same lobby.
    - Host cannot be decided in private lobbies either, above still applies
    - No dedicated servers
    - No theater function and no spectator mode
    - Game ends and returns to lobby when the host quits. Have you ever played an online game before in your life? How could you overlook this?
    - Team assignment does not take into account previous round. Play merc > host quits > assigned to merc for next round > host quits > assigned to merc again > host quits > etc.
    - A friend will almost always get put on the opposite team if you invite them to the game
    - There is no penalty for quitting a game (everyone quits after spy turn, it was idiotic to overlook this)
    - A merc game lasts at least 10 minutes no matter what. A spy round lasts only until you complete more hacks than the other team. How to fix this: 1) The higher skilled (rank, w/l, ppm, k/d, whatever) team should be always spy first. 2) End the spy round as soon as the second team hacks 1% more than the other team, not a complete hack more. 3) End the merc round as soon as there is not enough time for the other team to match your score.
    - There should never be a draw game. If both teams get the same percentage, the team to get it faster wins. If they both finish a hack at the end of the game then the team with the higher score wins.
    - Why can’t we customize private games at all? I would love to play SvM Blacklist on classic maps.

    - Parties are matched with zero regard to ping, level, hours played, or skill (points per minute, k/d, or w/l). This is the main reason most people quit playing the game altogether; you either get smashed by pros or you smash on absolute beginners, there are rarely fair, fun matches.
    - Players joining in progress are randomly assigned to a team
    - If the match is 2v3, the 6th player will often be put on the 3 man team resulting in a 2v4
    - If the match is 3v3, the 7th player will often be put on winning or higher ranked team
    - You will often get matched into a game with less than a minute (or less than 5 seconds) remaining.
    - Matchmaking will often match you with players on the other side of the world. American players should never be matched with Australian players under any circumstances, it ruins the game for everyone. I’d rather wait 20 mins for other American players than get stuck in an unplayable Australian lobby.


    - Spy controls have input lag and are unresponsive.
    - Spy movement isn't precise at all. The spy jumps several steps with a single tap of the stick and he looks around like an idiot when you just want to sit still.
    - Multiple actions are mapped to the same key and make it impossible to do what you want. Climb the box or jump over the railing? (A), Go into cover or crouch or drop off the ledge? (B), etc.
    - You forgot to map the sticky cam decoy function to a button on layout 2 and 3.
    - Spies often get locked in a crouching sprint where your right analog stick is disabled. The only way out of it is to stop, stand up, then start sprinting
    - The sprint function is redundant; just make the spy move full speed when I press all the way forward with the thumbstick instead
    - There is no evasive maneuver (dive in CT). All you can do is casually jog away from a grenade. Stupid.
    - Spy slide into cover serves no purpose.
    - Spy and his weapon extend out beyond his cover. This is gamebreaking for a stealth game, obviously. It boggles my mind that somebody playtesting the game didn’t bring this up.
    - There is no cover swapping like in the campaign, or like every other 3rd person game ever made.
    - You simply can’t take cover on some surfaces.
    - Spies can actually manipulate their over-the-shoulder view to shoot through walls with an SMG without exposing themselves.
    - Spies and mercs can’t walk down an incline (stairs) or over objects without “falling” down them.
    - When your climb into a vent your character freezes for a second while the view switches to first person. This needs to be smoothed out for quick get aways.
    - The reload function can be interrupted by other actions, like melee or fire; that’s stupid. You shouldn’t be able to remove your magazine and then magically start firing the remaining rounds when a smart enemy ambushes you during a reload. What’s the point of slowing down an LMG reload if you can just start magically shooting halfway through your reload?
    - When you climb on a ledge as a spy you often (99% of the time) get glitched. Your character will pause, pull out the pistol, put the pistol away, and then pause again before you can do anything.
    - As a merc, jumping over a railing makes sense, accidently jumping over a box does not. Why do mercs even have the ability to jump over a single box sitting in the middle of the street? When would they ever need to do that?
    - Ladders suck spies into them like a black hole. It’s almost impossible to climb up a ledge next to one and once you’re on it it takes 5 seconds to get off it.
    - It takes WAY too long to get the animation to hook up to a zipline and actually sliding down the zipline is WAY too slow. It’s pretty obvious that ziplines were just randomly thrown into the maps just for the sake of having them, not to add anything to the gameplay.
    - When you aim down sights as a spy it will often swing your screen around to the opposite direction.
    - Neither team takes falling damage, that’s dumb.
    - There is no friendly fire, that’s even dumber. If I want to play COD I’ll go play COD. This is a Clancy game for ****s sake! This is also a major factor that contributes to the horrible imbalance of the mode. Halo uses a perfect "eject" system to prevent team killing. It works perfectly when combined with a matchmaking time penalty for ejection.
    - Why are there no COOP moves in the multiplayer?
    - Some ziplines you can drop off of, others you cannot.
    - Mercs are faster than spies. Again, this is stupid for obvious reasons. Have you played any SvM before working on this game?
    - It’s difficult to accurately aim a gadget toss because the arc is incorrect. I’m sick of throwing grenades/cams at the railing in front of me.
    - Using all your gadgets with one bumper button is dumb and having to cycle through is annoying. Find a better way to navigate through gadgets (Hint: chaos theory).
    - Why is there no gravity in this game?! When you hop over a railing you fall way too slow. Spider gloves magically increase gravity and make you fall faster for some reason. And when you DFA from a high spot it’s even worse; you literally fall to earth in slow motion.
    - Aiming from cover is awkward and it’s nearly impossible to aim at a merc who is below you.

    - Neither team gets to choose their spawn location.
    - Neither team has a protected spawn (idiotic decision for obvious reasons). You’ve never played a multiplayer game before?
    - You will spawn directly next to an enemy even though other spawn locations are free from enemies.
    - When you change classes after a death it takes an extra 5-10 seconds to spawn.
    - Sometimes you get glitched and won’t respawn at all.
    - Mercs can climb into the “safe” spawns on hospital and particle accelerator.
    - Merc spawns change depending on the hack in progress to make them spawn closer. This just imbalances the mode even more. Pick one safe spawn point for both teams and leave it there for the entire round. Gamers want consistency, not randomness. (Hint: chaos theory SvM). Some objectives closer to the merc spawn will be harder to capture. So what, we like variety and strategic options.
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    - Playlists don’t show how many players are currently in each one like every other online game ever made. The aggregate player count on shadownet doesn’t count.
    - Nobody wants, or ever asked for, symmetrical gamemodes; MvM is stupid. It was a nice experiment, but it was a flop and hindered the other modes. Add a conviction style faceoff mode for the people that want SvS.
    - There is zero variety in extraction. It is literally the same 1 objective every time you play that map. It’s impossible to play a map more than once and not be bored out of your mind.
    - Classic mode has way too many issues to list here. Drop the 2 modes and focus on 1 objective based, light and shadow SvM gamemode. BL mode + classic mode. (Hint: story mode from CT). You don't need a beginner friendly mode like classic mode to ease campaign players into SvM; the training grounds playlist worked well for this. Expand it.

    Spy Customization
    - Merc motion tracker has further range than spy thermal and EMF, rendering them almost completely useless.
    - Some objects can’t be seen through with thermal or EMF, making them completely useless.
    - Some walls are glitched and can’t be seen through by any spy vision. All around C on cartel for example.
    - Why can't thermal goggles see through smoke grenades?
    - Gasmask is useless because it’s made to counter an ineffective gadget.
    - Ghost helmet is useless UAVs can still see you and it puts off a red blocked symbol for intel devices.
    - Intel suit is useless because you show up on RFD for the entire duration and its purpose is redundant with sonar. Just to add to its uselessness, you let the mercs completely negate it with a flick of their disruptor.
    - Overcharge is useless because it takes way too long to activate, it blows up (instead of shutting down) drones and mines, it’s range is too small and it puts off a stupid “I’M RIGHT HERE” light show when you use it. The “shutdown” ability on a merc is inconsistent and doesn’t work through walls. #useless
    - All the different camo patterns are dumb because black always blends in better. How about giving us a forest or arctic map where green or white camo is actually useful?
    - Spy armor is largely useless because merc guns are OP. The kill time with no armor is 1.00 second; with full armor on it is 1.01 seconds.
    - Flashbangs are worthless because they only work if they detonate directly on top of a merc, and they are glitched so even when you do get hit with one, it will often only disrupt sound and not vision. Sometimes when you get hit with one it does nothing at all (without the visor).
    - Smoke grenades are useless because they have no effect on the merc. Doesn’t slow them down, doesn’t disrupt HUD, etc. The area of effect is way too small and they don’t last long enough. A merc can still just aim into the smoke and wait for your name/health to pop up. Worthless even with ID blocker pants because the kill times are so short, they just have to spray until they get a hit marker. Why did you include them in classic mode without a means for the spies to see through them? Rethink their purpose because they don’t have one now.
    - Spies cannot pickup and reuse trophy systems or sticky cams. Stupid.
    - The quantities for spy gadgets are too small. Spy gets 3 emps, merc gets 8 mines. Doesn’t make sense. 2 smoke grenades? Really?
    - No resupply available for spies.
    - Delay on sticky cam explosion is way too long, making it useless also.
    - You forgot to map the sticky cam decoy function to a button on controller layouts 2 and 3.
    - Silent boots are useless because they’re not silent, they just sound different. They don’t even affect motion tracker or ATS performance.
    - All of the SMGs except for the UMP are useless because the reticule spread and rise is too severe to shoot a merc. Why are they even included in the game? It’s obvious nobody playtested them.
    - Takedown gloves are useless because they add 4 inches to melee range.
    - The hit detection on the crossbow is mediocre at best. It will sometimes go directly through a merc.
    - Sometimes your SMG/crossbow won’t fire when you press fire. The spy will extend the weapon then refuse to fire.
    - Classic mode NVGs don’t even work, they just make everything green.
    - Glowing goggles are dumb and add nothing to the game. It just kills stealth.
    - All the spies (and mercs) are white males. Maybe some variety next time?
    - Why do spies only have 1 gadget? 3 should be the minimum.
    - Spies should be able to EMP grenades just like mines. This will allow skilled plays to preventtthe COD “martyrdom” grenades that account for about 50% of all spy deaths.
    - If you set off a mine it will kill your teammate also. If you blow up a mine with overcharge it won’t touch him. That’s dumb and inconsistent.
    - You can’t control where you place a trophy system. Sometimes he puts in front of him, sometimes he turns around and places it behind him, and sometimes he just sticks it inside of the wall where it won’t work.

    Merc Customization
    - Shotgun damage at close range is inconsistent.
    - Shotgun rate of fire is way too fast.
    - Your sprint speed is the same with a pistol and with an LMG, doesn’t make sense.
    - Pistols are useless because you can reload just as fast as you can swap weapons.
    - All assault rifles are overpowered because they all have perfect accuracy and control when you aim down sights, even while firing in fully automatic mode. How about some recoil next time? Or burst fire or single shot weapons/toggles?
    - Hipfire is way too accurate on all merc weapons, the reticle should spread to the edges of your screen when hipfiring, just like every other Clancy game every made. This isn’t COD, make us actually aim our weapons to hit something.
    - Damage stats on assault rifles are incorrect; two weapons with the same damage and range take a different amount of shots to kill an enemy. For example, ARX vs. FAMAS.
    - Halo sight is useless because it doesn’t help you aim faster like it claims to do. It’s the same as the other sights but it just blocks more of your screen.
    - ACOG is useless because it adds recoil to the weapons, even though they have none with other sights.
    - Match grade ammo is useless because the weapons already have perfect accuracy and lethality at maximum ranges.
    - Silencer isn’t supposed to lower merc weapon damage but it does.
    - Flashbang visor is useless because flashbangs rarely work.
    - MT is broken because it picks up spies that are moving vertically or are shimmying on a ledge.
    - ATS is broken because it cannot be countered with silent boots.
    - RFD is broken because the range on the lower detection bar is way too far.
    - Fast weapon swap gloves and fast reload gloves are both useless because you already swap and reload extremely fast.
    - Adrenaline is OP because it lasts too long with too short of a cooldown. It needs to to be a quickly deployable, short duration ability that you can pop when you get hit with a crossbow, not something you can just continually spam randomly throughout the match.
    - Disruptor is OP because it lasts WAY too long and the cooldown is WAY too short.
    - Fast movement pants flat out don’t work.
    - “Faster movement while aiming boots” are useless because faster sprint boots are practically required.
    - VX gas is useless because its area of effect is too small and it doesn’t last long enough to be an area denial weapon.
    - Mines and intel devices can’t be picked up for reuse or relocation.
    - We had 3 types of mines in CT that could be placed exactly where you wanted. Now you have 1 type and you literally just toss it randomly. Sometimes you can stick it to the wall if you wait long enough, sometimes you can’t.
    - Why does it take so many rounds to shoot down a drone? They need to die quicker when shot with bullets.

    - Only 6 maps? Really?
    - All the maps are flat, boring, and uninspired. Take note of the complexity, verticality, and atmosphere of CT SvM maps.
    - The objective hacking zones are too small and too simple. Some are literally just one big room with a couple boxes or rooms thrown in (C on cartel and B on silo for example)
    - The maps have no shadows at all, the classic mode darkness and flashlights should be standard for all game modes. Remember, this is a splinter cell game.
    - Why can you shoot out some lights in blacklist mode? It doesn’t make it darker at all.
    - The maps are too wide open, there needs to be more cover for spies. Look at cartel for example, it is literally just a wide open street separating the zones.
    - There are not enough spy only routes and most of the vents are superficial. A vent is useless if a merc can just see you go in one side and run to the other side before you can navigate through it.
    - There are no passive security measures or alarms on the maps. Hell, there’s not even any doors that open and close on the maps.
    - The cameras don’t stay knocked out long enough when you shoot/emp/overcharge them.
    - The giant colored fences that show you hacking zone limits get in the way of gameplay. Find a more subtle way to outline the zone. The only player that needs to see this is the hacker also, they just block his teammates’ visions.
    - The little details you added to the maps to make playing spy more difficult are unnecessary and add to the poor balance of the mode. For example, the green chem lights in the vents, exposing the spies’ heads behind the railings in A on particle accelerator, the gap that spies can be shot through on the barrier in the top middle section of uranium mine and the very top of C on uranium mine, etc.

    - The game’s overriding latency issue makes this the most inconsistent part of the whole game.
    - Frontal spy melee destroyed whatever shred of stealth was left in the game.
    - Merc melee is inconsistent when spies are crouched or cloaked.
    - If you melee a spy below you on the stairs you fall out of the map and die quite often.
    - If you melee a merc on the stairs you get shot when he is lying on his back.
    - Melees from cover just flat out don’t work sometimes.
    - DFAs from pipes and vents are buggy and you’ll fly straight through the wall for the kill.
    - Sometimes the melee will give you kill the second you touch the enemy, sometimes you won’t get the kill until his corpse is decomposing.
    - When a spy is within melee range, any merc weapon will kill a spy with 1 bullet anywhere to his body, even a pistol to the tip of his toe. This is the single worst part of the game that skews the balance way too far towards the mercs. Remove this and keep weapon damage consistent. If a player can’t kill a spy with his ridiculously overpowered gun at range OR with his ridiculously overpowered melee up close, then guess what, that player got outplayed and deserves to die.
    - If two mercs melee the same spy one of the mercs automatically dies via a spy melee.
    - If a merc is saved from a melee/DFA his character will be laying on the ground and skipping from place to place for the rest of the match or until he is shot to death.
    - If you melee a spy while he is behind cover you will get stuck in the wall ~50% of the time.
    - Why do the other players in the game see me performing a different melee animation than the one I see on my screen?
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    - Spy footstep sounds when walking and crouch walking are WAY too loud. A crouched spy should make no noise. You guys obviously weren’t wearing good headphones when testing this.
    - The noises a spy makes when climbing or just hanging stationary on a ledge are unnecessary. It kills stealth and makes it too easy to play merc.
    - Same thing goes for the noises a spy makes when aiming or holstering a weapon.
    - Silent boots aren’t silent enough.
    - Suppressed spy weapons are a bit too loud still. We want game balance, not realism.
    - The loud constant noise when a hack is under way is annoying and the uplink sound is even worse. Use a more pleasing intermittent sound or adopt something like the ND133 hacking noise from PT/CT.
    - There needs to be ambient noise on the maps: waves crashing, trains passing by, traffic, generator noise, etc. because listening for enemy footsteps is part of the game now. A merc shouldn’t be able to hear a spy’s footsteps when he is standing next to an idle helicopter engine. Or are the helo blades spinning just for the hell of it? Cartagena must be the quietest city on the planet and somebody should really let them know that their police sirens aren’t even loud enough to drown out someone’s footsteps.
    - The background music is glitched so it still plays even when you turn it off.
    - The game announcers are ANNOYING AS HELL and it destroys the atmosphere of the game more than anything else IMO. “Spooks in the area!” “Dead nerd!” Seriously Ubisoft? Seriously? If you must use a stupid announcer at least keep it congruent with the Clancy universe and give us the option to turn it off. “BOOM BOOM BOOM!”
    - If you press start when a hack is underway you will get glitched and no longer be audibly notified when a hack is started or underway.
    - Your sound will often get glitched and you won’t hear footsteps (yours or your opponents’) until you die and sometimes until you restart your game.
    - Dead players should not be able to talk to their teammates. This kills the atmosphere and tension that made previous SvM games good. Other games restrict party chat in some playlists, SC can too. Find another way to integrate the cameras (hint: chaos theory)

    HUD/Menus/Random Gameplay
    - You (or your teammates) can’t see how much life you have remaining but your opponents can, doesn’t make sense.
    - If you’re disrupted or EMPed when a round ends you will spawn with no HUD on the next round.
    - Alerting the player (spy or merc) with the “Detected” notification is dumb. It defeats the purpose of detecting an enemy player in the first place.
    - Loading the paladin level every time I want to play multiplayer is one of the most annoying parts of Blacklist. Give us a traditional menu when we load the game.
    - Your health should not come back automatically. Again, if I want COD I’ll play COD. Let teammates heal each other, place health boxes around the maps, and let the players carry a health gadget (like adrenaline).
    - Sometimes you can pick up ammo from a fallen friend/enemy’s weapon, sometimes you can’t. It’s glitched.
    - Pick up an enemy's crossbow = reload your 7.62 magazines. Got it. How about just add ammo boxes around the maps that both teams can use? We're not idiots, restocking ammo isn't going to kill us.
    - As a spy there is no point to ever turn off your goggles. It gets boring staring at blue sonar all game. Find a way to integrate spy goggles into the HUD just like the merc goggles.
    - What is the point of the spy radar? Sometimes enemies show up on it, sometimes they don’t (regardless of intel suit use).
    - Telling the merc which spy is the hacker on his HUD and when he aims at a spy is not necessary, it just adds to the game’s imbalance and further eliminates any strategy.
    - Sometimes the “Blacklist service is not available” for no reason. You click it several more times and it magically starts working again.
    - Why is there no tutorial? There needs to be a basic tutorial that goes over the gadgets and visions just like in CT. Players with hundreds of hours played still don’t understand many basic aspects of the customizable gear. Hell, most players don't even realize that a merc can beat a spy in a melee encounter.
    - Sometimes when you watch a drone detonate through the cameras you will have “drone” printed on your screen for the rest of the match, even during your spy round.
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    Merci pour cette longue liste détaillée, je vais la communiquer à qui de droit.
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