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    Antisemitic messages in game chat

    I couldn't manage to send a case in the report player section, so i'm trying here, name of the player is [B]***[/B]

    Images down here to showcase the hate messages :

    *image 1*

    *image 2*

    *image 3*

    *image 4*

    *image 5*

    I'll be glad to get that *** out of this game, thanks.
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    Avatar de Ubi-Frog Community Representative
    septembre 2019
    Kafe Dostoyevsky
    Hello Link.jpg,

    While we don't tolerate hate messages and toxic behaviors, reporting someone on our forums in public isn't allowed.
    Therefore, I removed his username from your post as well as the images.
    In the meantime, if you'd like to report someone for something that happened in-game, feel free to use our support website to do so or contact our support on social media through private message (on Twitter for example)

    We also don't tolerate insults on our forums which means that the one in your last sentence has been censored.
    Finally, our forums rules mention that as we are on French forums, posts must be in French.
    Please bare in mind that breaking our forums rules can lead to a sanction or a ban.

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