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    Prince of Persia - Dead. Which way should the game develop?

    In my opinion, the Ubisoft company does not understand at all what the game "Prince of Persia" should be like today. I love the trilogy and especially "warrior within" for its adult storyline, music and violence. I see the modern "Prince of Persia" in the "Metroidvania" genre, where there are corridor locations and arenas. For example, I would give the budget game "Control", where the whole plot revolves in the institution. For example, create a castle for the game with corridors that lead to completely different bosses and you can get to them through an artifact or certain skills. You can also return to old locations to open a secret passage to the treasure. Increase the ruggedness of the game at the expense of Skills and Choice. I pumped the skill for a certain weapon and you can perform unique techniques ... or improve the "sands of time" build. The style of play is better borrowed from "Warrior Within" - my compliments to the writer. I ask you not to listen to those who say that the game is better in the entourage of a children's fairy tale. this is not true! I haven't played Ubisoft games for a long time. Because they have become too much the same type and soulless. It is extremely difficult to immerse in them. I'm tired...
    Make at least a good "Prince of Persia" for your company's image.

    Sorry for the english.
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    Hello lloydbif and thanks for taking the time of sharing your opinion about Prince of Persia.

    However, I would invite you to share this on the english speaking forum.
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