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    Hey Einstein !

    Who is this genius that decided to penalize PAYING CUSTOMERS

    that got disconnected from ubisoft's game servers !!! that because of a network issue at the CUSTOMER's permises or UBISOFT's permises, or in between ??? !!!

    I am blocked for 30 minutes for "abandon" ...

    1) IT IS my RIGHT to do that IF I want, I PAY to play, I can stop and go to the bathroom if I want to !! is that to complicated to understand ???

    2) THAT CAN happen accidentally because we are not on mars yet , so elonmusk has not offered a godlike quality network services !!!

    "Do you understand to words that are coming out of my mouth" ???

    Montreal is a francophone locality, but I bet my whole ubisoft account worth of games that you do understand what "am saying" ...

    So please fix this.

    I have not signed a contract to destroy my bladder at your convenience, organs are very expensive on the black-market and out of stock in the white-market !

    Cheers !!!

    that is my 1st day on rambowsix since decades now, as you can see I am quite surprised, negatively that is.
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    Fix it, or drop it.

    Hi Ubihard,

    As you know, I am a resident of France, I have a slightly different set of laws and rules to apply and to use, meaning against me, and for me.

    So If this issue is not Fixed, I will have to ask you for refund, I am as many other customers not happy with this .

    So If I see no reaction from you to my posts, expect my refund procedure very soon .

    FYI, I have not complained about NO possibility what so ever to have a FPV on the division or ghost recon, but the issue with rainbow six , is impossible to cope with.

    Best regards.
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