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    It's a joke?

    Sorry i'm french and don't speak Well..
    Seriously i'm very don't happy against you and your objectifs class..
    I up 2 classe lv20 and there is many time or i win 1 objectifs and when i'm connect again this objectifs are not completed..
    And today i completed a very hard objectifs and when i'm connect again this objectif are not completed again... so i win others objectifs and i saids me "i come back To do this again after" .. and when i'm connect for doing that , the other objectifs are not completed .. thanks Litle game ..😡😡

    I love your game so i accepte when he's bug , and bug and bug etc but do the same thing again and again it's to Much for me ..
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    octobre 2020
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    Bonjour guest-kknqwbvu,

    Ceci est le forum français, je t'invite à nous expliquer ce qu'il se passe en français afin de mieux comprendre le problème. N'hésite pas à partager une capture d'écran du souci aussi, si tu en as.
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