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    my wishes about quality ^^

    i wish if we can do finish move or hit the enemies with gun or ride a car or fixing it or
    Motorcycle or plane i wish if we can site whereever we want do fire in camp ti wish if i found puppies i can not scar him and i can be with him or i had puppies and skins for them toys i wish if if we can build anything in this game by craft i wish if we can hunt in jungle i lwish if there is more a bout virus and somthing we run from it on dlc open world and ty for dlc world of newyork is beauty ^^ um the artist music in this game so good ii like it so much i wanna hear it all time in game and graphics in this game like a movies ^^
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    décembre 2018
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    Hello StarBoyX77 and welcome!

    However, you're in the French speaking forum at the moment.

    You can find the English forum and their section here!
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