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    Being kicked for being last alive every time

    Issue: People are toxic. You're the lest alive and if you're being careful it takes too much seconds so they kick you. I feel sorry for their anger problem.

    Proposition: Remove the option to vote ban the last alive if he never hit a friend. Simple to implement. Efficient. Removes some toxicity. They will probably not vote kick afterwards as it doesn't helped them skip some waiting time.

    Please make this post a thing so that devs see it if you agree.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Avatar de Ubi-Frog Community Representative
    septembre 2019
    Kafe Dostoyevsky
    Hello Honk-ZOUP,

    As we are on French forums, our Forums Rules mention that posts must be in French.
    If you feel more comfortable writing in English, don't hesitate to go on our English forums.

    Thank you!
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