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    Triple XL Escape Summit Glitch score need a reset

    Can we have a reset on the escape score ? those who didn't used the glitch before the patch are stuck with a bad score...
    They patched the bug, but didn't reset the scores. Like seriously at this point they don't care about the players.
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    Indeed they patched it this morning (Paris time) and clearly those who used it won't be punished, it seems like Ubisoft clearly doens't care about the players.
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    Avatar de Ubi-Frog Community Representative
    septembre 2019
    Hello Lamastiflo and Vulgaax,

    As we are on French forums, our Forums Rules mention that posts must be in French.
    If you feel more comfortable writing in English, don't hesitate to go on our English forums.

    Thank you !

    Salut Waxelle-Fr et Yannamard,

    Merci d'avoir partagé ces vidéos.
    Je vais transmettre celles-ci à nos équipes pour investigation.

    Bonne soirée à vous !
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