Bonjour à tous,

Nous allons déployer aujourd'hui, le 11 8 aout, une mise à jour du Story Creator Mode lors d'une maintenance planifiée.

Début de la maintenance : 15h00 (heure de Paris)

Durée de la maintenance estimée : 30 minutes.

Notes de la mise à jour:


Story Creator

  • New Features:
    • Inventory Starter: You can now start a Quest when a specified Quest Item has been collected by the player’s character.
    • Inventory Objective: When picking up the specified Quest Item, the Objective will complete and you will be able to progress further into the Quest.

Story Creator Mode Website:

  • New Feature:
    • Collections: Users can now create and manage Collections of their favorite Stories.


Story Creator

  • Fixed: Missing Edit button of the NPC found inside a Talk Starter/Objective;
  • Fixed: Missing warning message when validating a Behavior without a NPC selected on Microsoft Edge;
  • Fixed: Right-click contextual menu on Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge;
  • Fixed: UI and functionality issues with Microsoft Edge;
  • Fixed: Removed a NPC travel destination in the Aegean Sea, southeast of the Nisyros Island;
  • Fixed: Missing archetypes on some Generic NPCs;
  • Fixed: Sorting issue when deselecting a Generic NPC from the list of chosen Generic NPCs;
  • Fixed: Multiple typos in different areas of the Story Creator;
  • Improvement: Optimized the loading of the map when setting a Starting Location.
  • Improvement: Clearer message when deleting a Published Story from a Draft.