Bonjour à tous,

Nous allons déployer demain, le 11 juillet, la mise à jour 3 du Story Creator Mode lors d'une maintenance planifiée .

Début de la maintenance : 15h00 (heure de Paris)

Durée de la maintenance estimée : 30 minutes.

Notes de la mise à jour:


  • When possible, Suggested Stories will now be fetched according to the in-game subtitles language

Story Creator

  • New feature: Dialogues Visual Presets
    • Visual Presets are camera filters you can use to give a new mood to your dialogues!

  • Navigation improvements:
    • You can now use the "Back" and "Forward" buttons in the Story Creator
    • It is now possible to bookmark a specific Story, Quest or Dialogue for easier access

  • NPCs can now be Elite if their factions/archetypes allow it
  • Added support for choice icons to highlight impactful choices in dialogues
  • Added an Edit action when selecting a Quest in the Quests List to make it easier to open
  • An NPC targeted in a Kill Objective will now automatically become Enemy with the Player Character
  • Added NPC Descriptors in Kill Objectives


Story Creator

  • Limited the number of characters in Story Checkpoints Title and Description to prevent in-game layout issues
  • Addressed an issue preventing NPC with an attack behavior to attack the Player Character
  • Removed various locations causing unexpected behaviors when used as Starting Location or Cages
  • Prevented imprisonment of the same NPC in two different cages in the same Quest
  • Improved the World Map's user experience
  • Addressed several validation, typo and layout issues