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Xbox One: 21.9 GB
Playstation® 4: 17.9GB
PC: All fixes are included in the full game download.


  • Addressed several crashes and progression blockers in Assassin's Creed III & Assassin's Creed Liberation Remastered.
  • Improved the flow of several missions in Assassin's Creed III & Assassin's Creed Liberation Remastered.
  • Made some objectives clearer in Assassin's Creed III Remastered.
  • Made numerous graphical improvements in Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed Liberation Remastered.
  • Improved lighting in several areas in Assassin's Creed III Remastered, especially Naval missions.
  • Crowd & NPC's have been improved in Assassin's Creed III Remastered.
  • Several visual effects have been improved both visually and to support gameplay.
  • Addressed and improved the alternative Outfits and character models in Assassin's Creed III Remastered.
  • Tweaks to the fighting system and combat mechanics in Assassin's Creed III Remastered.
  • A few Naval mission gameplay bugs have been addressed in Assassin's Creed III Remastered.
  • Cut-scene and cinematic fixes in both Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed Liberation Remastered.
  • Numerous environment art fixes and improvements; including trees, vegetation, water and weather in Assassin's Creed III Remastered.
  • User interface improvements to clarify player interactions and usability (in-game and in on-line areas) in Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed Liberation Remastered.
  • Addressed and balanced audio and volume levels in both Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed Liberation Remastered.
  • Addressed several localization errors in both Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed Liberation Remastered.


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Crashes, Technical and Performance Fixes & Improvements

  • Addressed a crash on Xbox One and Playstation® 4 when desynchronizing during the "Chasing Lee" mission.
  • Addressed a crash on Playstation® 4 when skipping a cut-scene in "The Foam and the Flames" mission.
  • Improved the Performance / Frame Rate in the Homestead Manor.
  • Improved the Performance / Frame Rate when talking to Juno in a cut-scene in the present.
  • Improved the frame rate / performance when entering the backstage area during the "Deadly Performance" sequence.
  • The Navigation Map now has smoother performance.
  • Addressed some game stats on Xbox One.

Gameplay and Progression Blocker Fixes & Improvements

  • Notoriety is now correctly reset when the player desyncs.
  • Addressed the restricted area "In the Wolf's lair" Liberation mission.
  • Addressed a bug where the player got stuck after Fast Travelling.
  • Addressed a blackscreen that sometimes appeared after the intro cut-scene of the final mission in "Tyranny of King Washington Part 3: The Redemption".
  • Addressed a progression blocker in the "Father and Son" mission, caused when performed a haystack assassination, when the objective
  • e is to steal an enemies clothes for a disguise.
  • Addressed a progression blocker during the boarding sequence in the "Assassinate Church" mission.
  • It is now possible to use rope darts/poison darts to attack the poachers during the "Fool me once.." Homestead mission.
  • During the "Silk Errand" Homestead mission, it's now more clear when you are watching a flashback.
  • The player will no longer become stuck when attempting to interact with an empty weapon rack in the Davenport Homestead basement.
  • Addressed a bug where Connor could escape "Bridewell prison" by running through a wall in his cell.
  • Optional Objectives in the "Alternate Methods" mission will no longer incorrectly display as "failed" when their criteria are passed.
  • Improved the flow of "The Parting of the Blue Sea" mission in "Tyranny of King Washington Part 3: The Redemption".
  • The Bear in the "Hunting Lessons" mission will now damage Ratonhnhaké:ton as intended.
  • Addressed the mission briefings during the "Smear" Homestead side Mission.
  • Fort Objectives will no longer instantly be marked as "Completed" when approaching an enemy fort.
  • Addressed the completion conditions for the "Protect a Family" mission.
  • During the Hunting Mission "The Man-Eater", the dead body in the bears cave will now appear consistently, allowing the objective to be completed.
  • In "Tyranny of King Washington Part 2: The Betrayal", the "Rescue civilian" side missions objective is now displayed as "Failed" when the civilian is killed.
  • Muskets are now limited to the correct number of bullets when picked up.
  • Addressed a bug where the Cook in the "Journey to the New World" mission could not be found where expected for the "Speak with the Doctor or Cook" objective.
  • Second eavesdrop cannot be completed in mission "Laid to rest" if mission is loaded from DNA
  • Addressed the conditions for the "Call the Wolf Pack to chase down the guard" objective in the "One-Man Wolf Pack" mission.
  • Boarding cut-scene is now triggered correctly after sinking the Man-of-war escort in the "Bitter End" mission.
  • Improved the unlock conditions for the "Completionist" trophy.
  • Prevented completed objectives from the Homestead mission "An Eye for trouble" from carrying over into the next mission.

Graphical Corruption and Flickering Fixes & Improvements

  • Addressed some situations where flickering artefacts would appearing near the top of the screen, when HDR was enabled on Playstation® 4.
  • Addressed noticeable flickering, level of detail and shadow changes between shots in cut-scenes.
  • Addressed a graphical corruption caused by quitting a Memory through the DLA Tracker.
  • Effects will no longer flicker In Sequence 11 mission "Battle of the Chesapeake" during the "Escape the Man of War" objective.
  • Reduced the crowd flickering during Washington's speech in the "One step at a time" mission in "Tyranny of King Washington Part 3: The Redemption".
  • Fix shadow flickering on ship sails during "The Rescue" mission.
  • Robert Faulkner's sash will no longer flicker, when he's standing on board the Aquila ship in Naval sequences.
  • Improved the texture flickering on Charles Lee's clothes during the "Bridewell Prison" mission.
  • Addressed a flickering wooden material, during the introduction cut-scene to "The Tyranny of King Washington Part 2: The Betrayal".
  • Parts of the wall will no longer flicker in the warehouse area, where Benjamin Church is being held captive during "The surgeon" mission in Sequence 2.
  • Prevented large buildings from causing black glitches on the ground in Boston.
  • Addressed a corrupt shadow which appeared on Connor during a cut-scene in "Lee's last stand" mission.
  • Addressed a corruption in the Homestead Manor when Ratonhnhaké:ton climbed on it during Sequence 5 Mission 1.
  • The "Bear Claws" item will no longer have a corrupt texture when viewed in the inventory and shops.
  • Prevented the screen from flickering while using the Eagle Flight ability.
  • Purchasable maps in General Stores will no longer have a corrupt texture.

Lighting Fixes & Improvements

  • Generally improved the lighting in Naval Missions.
  • Improved how raindrops are lit.
  • Addressed the lighting in the final cut-scene of the main game.
  • Improved the lighting on the projector during the North Dutch Church's Puzzle in New York's Underground.
  • Reduced the exaggerated lighting during "Big Dave's Big Hammer" Homestead mission, when Big Dave sharpens his tools.
  • Addressed corrupted lighting when jump into the Money Pit in the "Oak island" mission.
  • Addressed some corrupt lighting during "The Wedding" mission.
  • Improved a discrepancy between the lighting of the night sky in the opening cut-scene of The Midnight Ride mission and the in-game lighting.
  • Fix lighting in the final fight with Washington in "Tyranny of King Washington Part 3: The Redemption "when cut-scene is skipped.
  • Addressed the lighting in "The Hard Way" mission, to reduce the silvery effect.
  • Addressed a bug in the "Welcome to Boston" mission when Haytham's hair would be lit blue, when standing in The Green Dragon Tavern.
  • Addressed a candle floating slightly above the table during a cut-scene in the Green Dragon Tavern in Sequence 2 Mission 5.
  • Improved the lighting in a cut-scene leading up to the "Sky world journey" mission in "The Tyranny of King Washington Part 1: The Infamy"
  • Addressed a flickering light during a cut-scene in Sequence 4 Mission 3, while Ratonhnhaké:ton is talking to his friend while standing in a tree.
  • Addressed a flickering light when entering the backstage area during the "Deadly Performance" sequence.
  • Improved the lighting in the Spirit Journey sequence.
  • Addressed an issues where some taverns were corrupted inside, when entering them from. outside in winter
  • Addressed some corrupted lighting in the "Conflict looms" mission at night.
  • Addressed some corrupted fires in the "Conflict looms" mission at night.
  • Addressed corrupt lighting in the cut-scene at the end of Sequence 3 "The Braddock Expedition"
  • Improved the shadows on the props on the table during the Templar meeting cut-scene at the end of the "Deadly Performance" sequence.
  • A glowing doorway will no longer be visible during a cut-scene in "The Wedding" Homestead mission.

Crowd and NPC Fixes & Improvements

  • Major improvements to the crowd system functionality.
  • Crowd members / citizens are now less likely to drop down onto the ground from the air.
  • Improved how female crowd members / citizens skirts move. Prevented them noticeably changing shape.
  • Prevented NPC's from walking through the scene during the cut-scene after completing all Conscription Liberation missions.
  • When interacting with a Quest Giver, they are now more likely to deliver their quest.

Visual Effect Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved how Eagle Vision looks, especially when standing on Synchronisation Points.
  • Removed a glowing white plain from the side of the ship during a cut-scene in the "Journey to The New World" mission.
  • Guard dogs will now glow red as a threat, when using "Wolf Cloak" power in "The Tyranny of King Washington"
  • Improved the effects on campfires at night during Homestead side missions.
  • It is now less likely for snow to fall inside of the Homestead manor house.
  • Reduced the glow on the eagle during the "Sky world journey" mission in "The Tyranny of King Washington Part 2: The Betrayal"
  • Storm effects are no longer present inside the building during the intro cut-scene to the "Aquila Unchained" mission.
  • Reduced the brightness of the clues in the "Prudence's Primrose" and "The Wedding" missions, when observed with Eagle vision.
  • It is now less likely for snow and rain to fall inside of the Homestead Tavern.

Character & Outfit Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved the quality of reflections in characters eyes throughout the game.
  • Addressed cases where characters would stand in a T-Pose after camera cuts in some cut-scenes.
  • Addressed a corruption on Connors outfits when switching between missions using the DNA Tracker.
  • Switching between the outfit colour variations now works as expected.
  • Improved the reflection on Ratonhnhaké:ton's Animal Spirit outfit.
  • Improved the reflections in the eyes of Stephane Chapheau.
  • Addressed a gap in Haytham's sleeve which was visible in the Journey to the New World mission when he pointed his sword at the camera.
  • Addressed a dent in Ratonhnhaké:ton's back, seen when climbing while wearing the Animal Spirit outfit.
  • The "Animal Spirit" outfit will now correctly have Hidden Blades if equipped at the General Store.
  • Improved Juno's headpiece, which was corrupted during cut-scenes in the Present day mission "Desmond's decision".
  • Improved the animation when entering the Underground sections of Boston or New York while aiming pistols.
  • Using the Eagle Flight power, while Connor is holding a picked up weapon, will no longer cause the weapon to stay attached to the Eagle in flight.

Fight System Fixes & Improvements

  • After the player uses a trip mine in combat (as a counter), attacking staggered enemies will no longer result in infinite repeated attack moves without a combo finisher.
  • Sword counter kills will no longer incorrectly count towards the "Kill 10 mercenaries using firearms" objective, in the "Johnson's Errand" mission
  • Clarified conditions when Connor synchronises due to explosive damage (from gunpowder barrels, grenades, or trip mines).

Naval Mission Improvements

  • Prevented the Aquila ship from sailing through a mountain / clipping outside of the game world during "A Bitter End" mission in the Sequence 9.
  • Addressed the ship's sails during the storm in "Journey to the New World", which were becoming unfurled at the wrong time.
  • Addressed the wind direction in "The Hard Way" mission during Sequence 9.

Cut-Scene Improvements

  • Prevented the player from using Eagle Vision and other powers at certain points during the "Inevitable Confrontation" mission cut-scene.
  • Addressed a noticeable transition in the "Deadly Performance" mission when skipping a cut-scene.
  • Connor will no longer stand in a T-Pose when skipping the final cut-scene in the "Battle of Monmouth".
  • Disabled Eagle Vision during the cut-scenes in the "Journey to the New World" mission.
  • Removed some enemy Guard characters, which were visible in the background of a "One-man Wolf Pack" mission cut-scene when they shouldn't have been.
  • Addressed a noticeable transition when skipping a cut-scene in Sequence 9 "A Bitter End" mission.
  • Prevented a character from blocking the camera shot during a cut-scene in Sequence 9 "Missing Supplies".
  • A character on a boat is no longer placed underwater during a cut-scene in the "French Involvement" side mission.
  • Haytham is no longer displaced after skipping a cut-scene in the "Johnson's Errand" mission.

Environment Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved the snow tracks left behind characters in deep snow, and reduced snow glossiness.
  • Addressed a corrupt tree texture in the "Sky world journey" mission in "The Tyranny of King Washington Part 2: The Betrayal"
  • Improved the quality of the trees seen outside of the van loading screen near the start of the game.
  • Made the texture of the tree which Ratonhnhaké:ton is leaning on to count during the Hide & Seek game in Sequence 4 Mission 2.
  • Improved the look of trees during Naval missions.
  • Addressed a noticeable change of weather when entering or leaving specific cave in "Tyranny of King Washington" Episode 1
  • Improved a weather transition during "The Hard Way" Naval mission.
  • Improved the vegetation and trees details in Bunker Hill
  • Improved the weather during the "Search the wreckage" section of the Dark Waters naval mission.
  • The weather will no longer incorrectly change when re-loading the game during the "Biddle's Hideout" Naval mission.
  • Addressed the background during the Benedict Arnold Assassination.

Water Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved the reflections in the sea and large bodies of water.
  • Addressed corrupt sea water in several Naval missions.
  • Addressed a large red reflection in the sea during a naval mission in Sequence 9.
  • Improved the falling water during the sinking of The Ghost Ship in the Peg Leg mission.

User Interface Fixes & Improvements

  • Quest giver icons are now visible on the Frontier, Boston and New York maps at a greater distance from the player.
  • Tooltip text for Fast Travel on the Navigation Map will now fit inside its designated box in all languages.
  • There was a synchronization point in Monmouth which didn't uncover the surrounding area when synced. This has been corrected.
  • The Navigation Map will no longer flicker when scrolling around the East Coast of America.
  • The Single-Charged Pistol icon in the Weapon Wheel will no longer change to Four-Charged Pistol icon after manual aiming.
  • The Snare icon is no longer too bright, when an animal is caught in it.
  • Settings are no longer reset when switching between languages in the game in different menus.

Audio Fixes & Improvements

  • Addressed a bug where enemy dagger attacks would not have sound effects in certain situations.
  • Added sound effects when destroying the gates in "The parting of the blue sea" mission in "Tyranny of King Washington Part 3: The Redemption".
  • Added missing explosion sound effects in New York during "Tyranny of King Washington Part 3: The Redemption".
  • Overlapping Voice Over lines are no longer present after skipping certain cut-scenes in the "Modern Tower" mission.
  • Improved the weapon selection sounds, so they match the selected weapon better.

Subtitle Fixes & Improvements

  • Subtitles and Speaker names are activated by default.
  • Corrected some Speaker Names in subtitles.

Notifications, Text and Localization improvements

  • Addressed some grammar and typos in all languages.
  • Addressed some localization text in Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Addressed a bug where outfits from the Ubisoft Club would incorrectly show as "Equip" when not unlocked

Miscellaneous Fixes & Improvements

  • When viewing the Prison Wagon from a distance in the "Infiltrating Southgate" mission, the prisoners will no longer clip through the wagon.
  • Addressed the colour of the breath condensation coming from horses in winter.
  • Addressed the animation on some falling ship debris during the "Chasing Lee" mission.


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Crashes, Technical and Performance Fixes & Improvements

  • If controller 1 is turned off, controller 2 becomes the main controller.
  • Addressed crash when turning off controller.
  • Addressed black water texture on first walkthrough.
  • Addressed crash at the end of Sequence 2.
  • Addressed an automatic desynchronization during the mission “Reconciliation” when the Playstation® 4 is in a Slow HDD mode.

Gameplay and Progression Blocker Fixes & Improvements

  • Addressed a freeze during the bobcat attack in the Bayou.
  • Removed the poison darts during the mission “Southbound”
  • Addressed the behavior of the puzzle platform during the mission “The Secret of the Cenote”
  • Addressed the corrupted spawn during the mission “Defeat Madeleine”
  • Improvement of the New York map boundaries.

Ubisoft Online Requirements & Achievements

  • Added error message when accessing the Ubisoft Club if the feature is switched off.
  • Addressed Uplay popup visual.
  • Addressed empty TGO portal stats.
  • Addressed total assassination count.
  • Addressed unlocking of the “Predator” trophy.


  • Addressed window view in the mission “Only a Nightmare”.

User Interface Fixes & Improvements

  • Removed pop-up that should not appear after desynchronization or checkpoint reload after obtaining all Diary Pages.
  • Addressed overlapping menus when pressing multiple buttons simultaneously in inventory.
  • Removed a persistent optional objective in the mission “Power of Voodoo”.
  • Addressed the tutorial of “A slave in trouble” on the Japanese Playstation® 4 version.
  • Removed white line at the bottom on intro cinematic.

Audio Fixes & Improvements

  • Audio settings affect video volume and do not affect bundle menu music volume anymore.
  • Added sound of enemy hit with fists.
  • Addressed SFX volume setting.

Localization Fixes & Improvements

  • Addressed German translation of controller disconnection error.
  • Addressed reward popup localization when changing the language during the same session in the bundle.
  • Addressed Italian translation of the “Armatrice” trophy.
  • Added missing subtitles for some languages in intro cinematic.