Bonjour tous pilotes,

Voici les notes du nouveau correctif technique qui sera disponible gratuitement sur Nintendo Switch, Xbox One et Playstation 4 le 20 novembre.
(Les notes sont uniquement disponibles en anglais)


Nintendo Switch: 1.93 GB
Xbox One: 1.15 GB
Playstation 4: 0.93 GB


Colorblind Support
Quality of Life improvements
Bug Fixes


In order to improve our accessibility features, we are implementing Colorblind modes which will include support for deuteranomaly, deuteranopia, protanomaly, protanopia, tritanomaly and tritanopia.


We are introducing the already scanned tags on creatures that have been scanned previously and useful hotlinks to the database that will unlock when a new entry is discovered.



Fixed an issue where crashed drakes missions reset after completion and fully clearing the planet.
Fixed an issue where the elemental offence grants Non-Allied Units the use of Elemental Weapons after an Equinox Upgrade.
Fixed an issue where towable objects acquired from outposts during help missions are disappearing or getting destroyed at various random locations in the game.
Fixed an issue where Crush Giants are not reacting to player's actions if the giants are spawned from certain types of Extractor.
Fixed an issue where gold rush ruins dont become allied if players destroy all the present enemies using pilot Razor's fully upgraded ability on any planet.
Fixed an issue where players are unable to accept the Equinox mission if they complete a delivery side mission to any outposts and then immediately request an Equinox mission.
Fixed an issue where players are unable to achieve 100% alliance on the planet even after destroying the Prime and building a Starlink tower.
Fixed an issue where dead extractors damage the player and the core cannot be plucked (even if a button prompt appears).
Fixed an issue where the objective text displays "Deliver the Core" after delivering the core if the player exits to the title screen when the core is mid-air, after plucking it and then following the story objective.
Fixed an issue where players get stuck inside wall structures near any warden puzzle on any planet.
Fixed an issue where Prime deployment countdown is reset if the player exits to the title and reloads into the same save in any Act after Act 3.

User Interface

Fixed an issue where players are not able to reach 100% planet completion even after discovering every Spire/Ruin/Wreck/Wonder/species/site and gathering every sample.
Fixed an issue where players are not able to accept any new mission from an outpost and they can only see Downloading Mission Data.
Fixed an issue where the Debug text is displayed when the player builds an Observatory/Workshop/Armory on any planet.
Fixed an issue where the map marker doesnt appear on the prime core if the player drops it on any planet while roaming.
Fixed an issue where Shipwrecks present in space are shown as not looted if players loot a shipwreck and save/reload the same save.
Fixed an issue where the Mission successful banner does not appear after completing the Equinox mission "Stronghold Strike."
Changed the Deflection Armor mod icon to make it more visually distinct.

Technical Issues

Fixed a rare issue where the game would crash after reconnecting to a network.
[XBOX ONE] Fixed an issue where players are caught in an infinite loading cycle on the title screen when users log in with a different account while the controller disconnected popup is displayed, and minimizing the game in standby.

Make sure to check our updated Known Issue List to receive the latest information on whats under investigation by our development team!

This is just the beginning, Pilots! More content is coming, we are planning to reveal more next month, so stay tuned!

See you in the stars!

L'initiative Starlink