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    [Arcade] Title Update 11 / Patch Notes

    Bonjour à tous,

    Voici ce qu'implémentera la mise à jour 11 :

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    Far Cry Arcade

    • Fixed an issue where the user could lose controller functionality if he returned to the Campaign after joining a friend in a multiplayer lobby session in progress using the PSN.
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘back to Main menu’ becomes unresponsive when receiving an invite to DLZ while previously being in an Arcade Solo map and returning to the campaign.
    • Fixed an issue with the Mars Arachnids in Bounty Hunt mode: there were no icons when they were set as targets.
    • Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck on a black screen after spawning in a map during the scripted teleportation of the other player.
    • Fixed an issue with the arcade level where it failed to transfer over if you started a ‘New Game+’ combined with specific conditions. Players who have previously lost their Arcade level due to this reset will get it back with an additional 20% XP.
    • Fixed an issue with the parachute where it could deploy automatically if you were using the wingsuit and other players were to re-spawn in a certain time frame.
    • Fixed an issue with the voice chat where it could have ended up being disabled if you were to have transited from a DM/TDM match to the ‘Main campaign coop’ play while in a party.
    • Fixed an audio issue for clients as they could have lost most of the audio if they previously played an ‘Arcade coop’ map and then the party leader went to continue his main ’Campaign’.
    • Fixed a possible controller dead lock issue that could occur for a party leader that decided to continue his main campaign progress after playing a match in DM or TDM with 2 or more friends.
    • Fixed the empty screen issue that occurred if you were to cancel a ‘search’ when trying to change the map while in a private lobby.
    • Fixed a possible issue if had several clients and a party leader that tried to create a private closed lobby, clients were removed from the party session.

    Map Editor

    • Fixed the ‘Camera Auto Scroll’ at OFF, as it only affected anything related to ‘Painting’ when it was turned ‘Off’.
    • Fixed an issue with generic destructible shapes where they did not break if they were stacked on top of each other as a group.
    • Fixed an issue with the ‘generic barrel explosive’ asset as it did not explode once set on fire.
    • Fixed an issue with the ‘Fire jet’ as it did not cause any damage.
    • Fixed an issue with the Yeti/Blood Dragon; there were no bullet impacts on them when using most Mars weapons.
    • Fixed an issue where objects were hard to move when pressing Up or Down on the left analog stick if ‘Lock Camera’ was used directly above the object(s).
    • Fixed an issue with some generic shapes in the ‘with physics’ folder where the physics did not work as intended.
    • Fixed an issue with the 'Fast increase/decrease' adjusting option that appeared to be non-functional for the 'Damage' property of 'Region damage over time' zone.
    • Fixed an issue on consoles where the ‘Editor settings’ were reset every time the editor was re-launched.
    • Fixed an issue with the Blood Dragon animal that could not be added in DM and TDM modes.
    • Fixed an issue with the Yeti in DM and TDM modes where only one could be added to the map.

    Scripting Tool

    • Fixed an issue where "Damage" and "Frequency" options disappeared from the Region Damage's "Object Preferences" after linking it to the scripting action with "Region Kill" if it was previously linked and removed.
    • Fixed an issue where the 'Script' asset appeared to be dropped to ground after you moved it up/down and then went back through the 'Script options' list.
    • Fixed an issue where AI could not be removed from a map with the "Undo" option after being linked to a script when using the "Spawn AI" action.
    • Fixed an issue where Missing "Spawn point" issues could occur if the "Teleport player" action was used after triggering a script with only one selected spawn point; it caused the system to create the 2nd spawn point under and at the edge of the map.
    • Fixed an issue where the “Fast increase/decrease” option in any “Action” was causing it to move down the Script list after each re-adjustment.
    • Fixed an issue when there were no visual feedback over the assets or AI’s spawned by script when the script was selected on consoles.
    • Fixed an issue with Trigger zones in multiple selections when they could not have been linked to the same Script.
    • Fixed an issue where ‘Unspawn AI’ did not update the objective counter while in the "Outpost" mode.
    • Fixed an issue where "Set Slow Motion" with a low value drastically reduced a following ‘delay’ action.
    • Fixed an issue where NPCs spawned and unspawned by script; they were not counted in the objective when playing in ‘outposts’ map types.
    • Fixed an issue where NPCs linked to a ‘spawn AI’ action were not removed when changing to a DM/TDM game type.
    • Added a visual representation for the trigger radius of the ‘Trigger Look At’ scripting tool.
    • The "Trigger Look At" will be triggered if the user launched the game while being inside the look at radius.

    / L'équipe Far Cry
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    Une maj (une vraie)

    Bonjour serait il possible de rajouter dans le futur, une maj regroupant toutes les assets des dlc's ainsi du solo comme des pnjs, véhicules (prenium) ou encore variantes d'armes exemple le m133 version ithaca, rpg classic, carabine 308 version m40 (dlc Hours of Darkness). De même pour certains pnj comme les vietcongs et apnv (nan parce que les voirs avec les ar c, c'est pas top. Véhicules manquants comme par exemple le Kaumbat H-04B FoxFly. Pour rester thème vietnam. Autrement j'en passe car il y a encore beaucoup autrement. Merci d'avance à ceux qui prendront le temps de me lire.
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