I don't know what ubi thinking about ,no possibly have a fun experience playing as defender. Attackers can see every one in such small map. wall can be shoot through and rush with flash boom, fuze. Attackers just through all flashbang, lion scanning and shooting through window, blitz flash and knife, fuxxing crazy. it's difficult for defenders not move and every round just need 1 minutes. And finka can make all injured player stand again fuxxing stupid!!! defender don't have any balance.

I love this game, I playing R6 every night, but I really want ubi can debuff or rebuilt finka and lion. Totally unfair too defenders. i think skill of lion can remove and change to some skill more real. And finka can re-stand injured player in 10m or 15m. I really love this game until chimera operation. I want more balance in this game. Not operators that have fantasy skill. I'm a player not speaking English, must have some errors in this text.

thanks for watching

ops zombie mode really boring and other player no play all 4 parts. In the end just me and 100 monster and get 100cions.

I want this game better than better.

this is my opinion