Bonjour à tous,

Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste des problèmes connus (anglais). Nous mettrons à jour cette liste dès que nécessaire.

  • [PC] Some users are saying that certain UI elements are off-center, and cut-scenes play in a corner of the screen. [New: Oct. 18]

  • [PC] If using a keyboard that does not accept more than two key presses at a time, playing the toilet minigames will cause the new kid to be stuck on the toilet. [New: Oct. 18]
  • [PS4][XB1] The user remains stuck during the second meeting with The Coon if Jimmy’s Fastpass Fast Travel is completed last.
  • [XB1] Skipping the credits after getting a specific end-game achievement may cause the game to crash.
  • [XB1] Combat screen may remain stuck after killing Clyde following a very specific set of steps.
  • [XB1] Game may freeze if a certain event does not trigger after knocking a stripper into Classi.

Confirmed for fixes/improvements in future updates:

  • [All] FPS drops when walking on Main Street during Day-Phases.
  • [XB1] Combat freezes when Call Girl uses “Phone Destroyer” on an ally after she is confused by Timothy.
  • [XB1] Manually saving or loading after Wendy’s cutscene, but before the following minigame, causes the New Kid to play the game with their normal clothes.
  • [XB1] Player may get a black screen under certain circumstances in front of U-STOR-IT.
  • [PS4][XB1] Mission indicator will not appear on-screen if the user performs missions in a specific order.
  • [XB1] Combat may remain stuck after using Call Girl's Y ability against Professor Chaos.
  • [XB1] If you are dual-classing an Elementalist with Psychic and enter Inspection Mode while being Confused, combat may get stuck.
  • [PS4][XB1] Some players are unable to manually save. [New: Oct 23]
  • [PC] Game may freeze for some users when using Kyle’s Death From Above Ability. [New: Oct 19]
  • [PC] Users may with framerate issues may experience characters freezing. [New: Oct 19]
  • [PC] When using the Gadgeteer's Ultimate to defeat the Mutant Kyle boss fight, the game does not end the combat and the player can only access the pause menu. [New: Oct 19]
  • [PC] Steam users may receive a black screen upon launch. [New: Oct. 17]
    • [Workaround] For now, you can press alt+enter to enter windowed mode. Optionally, you should be able to use the in-game options menu to resume full-screen without suffering the black screen again.


  • [PS4] Mrs. Cartman’s animation/dialog may be duplicated during a certain mission.
  • [XB1] Some users who purchase FBW through XBL Marketplace do not receive their copies of Stick of Truth. [New: Oct 18]
    • [Workaround] Please power cycle your console. To do this, please turn the console off and unplug it from the wall for at least two minutes before plugging it in again.

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