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    Hail !

    Je suis partant ! mais il faudrait organiser les choses bien non ? c'est pourquoi je vous propose l'idée de créer un discord pour pouvoir emmener cette envie d'alliance encore plus loin.

    Capitaine Tatubola !
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    Hello everyone,

    Since I saw the trailer of this game and I read the main features and the overview, I have a small voice in my head that returns incessantly to me say "Find people with whom to form an alliance".

    So without pretending to want to become the best pirates of the sea, even if I confess that I do not want to stay at the bottom of the ladder, I remain convinced however that I must already start to look for people with whom to form an alliance, because the faster we can put it in place, the faster we can attack and therefore, keep one step ahead of others, but also, prevent mcdvoice them from joining us at the top of the food chain (um, sorry,

    That's why I'm starting to look for people to share this adventure with.

    In advance thank you to all who have taken the time to read this post, and why not, to answer it
    i want to be part of it to
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