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    décembre 2016

    ACU Startup crash


    I just got the new macBookpro late 2016.

    I am running win 10 on a Bootcamp partition

    Graphic card : AMD radeaon pro 460

    On my former macbookpro 17, with bootcamp and win 10, ACU was playing well ( a littel bit slow, but still playable)

    On this new machine, ACU is crashing at start up. I am getting the few first screens on update control, but as soon as I am getting the startup picture, it freezes!!

    I have also most of the other AC games. Syndicate is working well, révélations is working well, AC1 is working well, but AC3, AC2 and ACU are crashing!!

    All drivers are up to date!!

    Any ideas of how I can solve this issue??

    Thanks in advance.
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    Avatar de Ubi-KitKoumal Ex-Community Manager
    novembre 2016
    Hello parnaudfr78,

    thank you for coming on our forums and I hope that someone will have a solution for your problem, this is the French forum and maybe not everyone will be able to assist you because of the language barrier. If you wish, you may visit our English speaking community just here.

    Kind regards,

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