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Some players don't seem to understand what is Trackmania Turbo goal.

Some says that it's what we should have done for Trackmania²: all environments at the same time. But like I already pointed out, it would have been really long and without the ability to update the game would we had to do other things. And we have to do others things, it's logical for the studio but also for the players. And this is why Maniaplanet has been designed to evolve, meaning it's less polished because it's "work in progress"

Trackmania Turbo is not "work in progress" It's polished for console and I am happy that players can enjoy it simply and in a solid way. Many players, especially veterans do not see a sequel there, and I think they are totally ok with that spirit.

Trackmania Turbo is something that is closer to a best of/discovery edition. It's closer to how people discovered the first Trackmania in a way: no custom tool, custom cars, mediatracker, mixmapping, macroblocks etc. And it's good to have this in the franchise, especially on new platform like consoles. On PC, we had the choice to either not release it, and let down many players without consoles that would like to play it, or release it on PC. I would have like to call it "console edition" but apparently, "console edition" are more related to "PC games on console" which is somewhat strangely obvious, or according to this, it should be named "Trackmania Turbo Console Edition PC Edition" which starts to be a little complicated. Anyway, some people can use their PC on a big screen, it's even the target of some companies to make it real, and some players also look for experiences that are closer to this on this format.

Then, during the game development process, some choices have been made (good or bad) Once they are made, it would be misleading to tell players from one version to another that there is something different. Would I take the example of Camera 1, since it was decided to put only one external camera, then it more logical/fair to keep this the same on all versions. If people say it's difficult to switch from one version to another, it would only confirm that going from PC on PS4, on Trackmania Turbo itself would be complicated. However, if people get used to the current external camera, it would be logical that we try to make it available in Maniaplanet, since it should be versatile (at the cost of being more complex and less polish in short term)

On console, moderation is also more demanding. Avoiding troubles with custom names, chat and others things like painted cars is a must for both the cleaner and safer experience. But it does not mean it's better or lesser. It's different. And some players got it well I think.

However, we still made efforts to bring some things that are logical/accessible for keyboard/mouse to the version: config.exe for hardware adaptation, mouse replay/map editor, keyboard bindings, online text chat. We will also do the paddle bindings, which would then be different from console, also for the reason that there are various situation on PC where the paddle are not adapted well enough and that the hardware is less standard.

Finally, I would like to repeat that TMT & Maniaplanet are different, and it's better that we use the time to do best what is best suited for each. We intend to release the trial version to help players make their mind about it as best as possible and as long as many people find it good because of the game targets, and constraints, it difficult to say that it should not exist. Trackmania² and Maniaplanet is something else, and we intend to make it as best as possible as soon as possible, and to freely invite people who bought Trackmania Turbo to it. Until then, it's good to know that many players will discover Trackmania also with Trackmania Turbo and potentially join either the creatives, communicative or competitive players in Maniaplanet.

Trackmania² Stadium was at this level of activity only one year ago, so the activity on Maniaplanet has raised even during the release of Trackmania Turbo, meaning that there is now Trackmania Forever + Trackmania Turbo + Maniaplanet that are getting new players on a daily basis. All of the three places activity increased in a significant way simultaneously with the release of Turbo. And we know that we should work to provide a good place for the top community to be together. And the sooner we work on it the better.

I hope it helps a little to better understand our choices and make it more clear how the Trackmania offering is now wider for a wider audience which is a necessity to have a bigger base to reach higher goals for top players in creative, communicative or competitive environment.

Head of Ubisoft-Nadeo studio.
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