Afficher la version complète : Nos retours sur l'Alpha (7Cavalerie)

13/04/2015, 17h11
heureux élu de l'Alpha, j'ai pu partager quelques heures de jeu en Twitch avec mes amis rageux...
Voici nos retours postés (trop tard) sur le forum ricain :

1) BUGS :

- Display bugs (weapon & drones) ingame and during replays.
- Hammer breach : animation is bugged when player is sided to the breach point.
- Scoreboard bug.
- Lean left/right sometimes doesn't works
- Key bindings window bug : the screen-edge elevator may freeze


Defense team :
- this team may have the ability to move hostage from a room to another (but slowly enough to keep a good balance in the game)

Attack team :
- you should really consider the possibility of using a sniper as a team support as seen on E3' 2014 footage. With special features like thermal optics he may locate tangos and shoot through windows/doors and why not some walls, and may be a crucial teamate during extracting phase.
- Outside sniper ? (spawn 10sec after the rest of the team, and possibility to place inside surrounding buildings).
- As seen with GIGN assaults on TV, what about a grouped assault where attackers are linked hand to shoulder and are shielding each other. This feature could be exciting and useful when entering a room.

Global :
- possibility to display a player name different than the Uplay account name
- several game modes ? what about a fusing/defusing bomb mode ?
- inter-round chat ?
- Customizable server settings : Hardcore (on/off), single outfit (on/off), increased sprint speed (on/off), warmup time (x sec), action phase time out (x min), teamates outline (on/off). A rich server settings will satisfy the most players.
- Custom armpatch ?


- Several exciting features shown in E3 2014 footage disappeared : ability to breach anywhere on the floor, ability to move hostage as defense team and sniper support
- Weapons sound FX not "punchy" enough and unconvincing.
- Sprint run is too fast.
- Too much jammers.
- Too much frags.
- Defense fences let too much visibility through plankings (ennemy players are easy to see).
- Operator's icons are ugly.


- How many operators ? What about gear / stuff / gadgets ? What about XP, how it works ?

Please listen to the community and consider their reactions.

Je pense que mon post passera inaperçu dans le forum US et son flot incessant de sujets postés... merci à toi Ô Michel de bien vouloir transmettre tout ça à qui de droit (la facture du timbre est pour nous, bien évidemment).


13/04/2015, 17h47
Bonjour watchaa et merci infiniment pour vos retours !!!

PS: Ne vous inquiétez pas, nos collègues anglais et américains ont bien tout pris en compte ;)

13/04/2015, 17h57
Oh t’inquiète pas Michel fait tjr ce qu'il faut, je crois que c'est lui qui écoute + la communauté qu'autre chose !!!

Ainsi que Neko et Enicedia :cool:

13/04/2015, 17h58
Mich' for prez.
Pis c'est tout.

13/04/2015, 20h16
fais pas ton mytho Pyth tu sais pas écrire 3 mots en anglais ^^

14/04/2015, 17h18
C'est du travail collectif !;)

14/04/2015, 17h57
C'est du travail collectif !;)

Bon travail d'équipe effectivement !

14/04/2015, 18h26
on dit merci google traduction

15/04/2015, 09h40
Ce serait cool une infographie des requettes des joueurs de l'alpha et des stats. Genre combien mur on ete breach, de tir, de grenade... Ca pourrait meme aider les equipes de devs ;-)