Afficher la version complète : UNBaLaNCED BORING game

15/08/2014, 14h06
im going bored on this game, i explain why:
everyones likes winning, that s a simple fact, i win 90% games with the same deck: hakeem titans automates deck breaker, i dont have to be good , i just play same formula ever and win win, its near the same with my havre deck....so that mean if i want to like this game (means i win enougth to not feel like im a noob) i just play a OVER BORING game play, all games looks the same.......but i win......i dont want to make a nooobi kiddy vampire deck(0 skill required), inferno sux as hell( with hakeem no one cant beat me with inferno deck)(or i have to pay to a have a chance to get good heroes... but i dont pay.),SO here is a way to get fun , having competitives deck for free???? i will never pay, bu i want good heroes and i dont want to play hundreds games with same decks to farm something that gives a change.
GIVE ME HEROES OMFG AND FOR FREEEEEEEEEE FARMING IS TOO LONG AnD I WILL JUST STOP PLAY, i hate to think that payables packs gives LOT good cards when i have only shity with normal farming.
"une belle arnaque" as we say in french.
PAY FOR WIN PAY FOR FUN, better make the game not free and gives every players the sames chances.
as 95% games i play , after 1 or 2 months i see the limits and get bored........