Afficher la version complète : All the old Splinter Cell with this quality

03/03/2014, 07h00
As with a lot of my old games I would love to see all the old Splinter Cell remastered with this graphic quality and this gameplay.
Sometimes I ask myself why the editors do not create a real bundle pack with all the old games remastered with the new technology...

06/03/2014, 12h37

You are on the French forum of Splinter Cell here, for English go here : http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/12-Splinter-Cell

Anyway, if Ubisoft don't make old Splinter Cell whit this quality is just for business, see this news : http://www.alistdaily.com/news/tony-key-interview-part-1-now-were-in-blockbuster-world