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31/08/2012, 19h41

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Le duel final entre Louis et Bloodlips lors de l'évènement Affrontez les Devs le 30 août 2012.

Louis a rédigé un commentaire après le match (anglais pour le moment):

"The duel between Bloodlips and myself might seem to be one-sided. I thought I would go over the strategies behind both decks used in this duel.

Bloodlips employs a fast deck, deploying low-cost creatures as quickly as possible. This deck needs floods the board and overthrows the opponent very quickly. Sandalphon is the ideal Hero for a super-fast deck, since Haven has many low-cost creatures and resource accelerators.

My deck, on the other hand, is quite the opposite: it’s a “stasis” deck. My deck relies on delaying my opponent as long as possible with Shadow Sanctuaries and Stone Shields. Playing Necromancers allows me to “resurrect” my used defensive cards to stall for as long as needed. It also lets me fetch cards to make sure I do not run out of copies.

While the board gets flooded by Bloodlips’ Holy armies, I gain more and more momentum, drawing the necessary cards to stall the game until I can defeat him in 1 Turn.
Here are some details of my deck strategy: Once I reach around 8 to 10 Resource, I play a Shadow Sanctuary and the Spell For Whom the Bell Tolls, wiping all creatures at the start of my next turn. On my next turn, I’ll play as many Fire Camps as possible, then use Crystal Mines to multiply my resources and end up with approximately 80. I’ll then play several Stone of Enlightenment to draw tons of cards and deploy 6 to 8 low-cost creatures. I’ll then play a Time Jump card to gain a new turn, dealing around 15 dmg, before playing a second one to finish the job while my opponent goes O.o!!!

Now back to the game
All things were going well for me until a member of the Dev team told me that Bloodlips has the Prison card in his deck. It so happens he had 1 copy and that card was in his hand, ready to be played, right on time to break my combo and win the day

Light Triumphed over Darkness… for now

On a side note, for all of you out there who think those 2 decks are too strong, they will be re-balanced before we go into open beta. Many cards are being revised thanks to feedback from our Closed Beta players. Thus Bloodlips and I will have to rely on whole new decks to try and become rising champions. I hope to meet you out there on the battlefield!

Thank you all who participated in this “Players Vs the Dev team” event. For us it was a great experience to share and learn more about our community!"


31/08/2012, 19h52
Pour résumer, le Deck de Louis est un Deck Combo assez classique. Il gagne du temps avec les Autels d'Ombre et les Boucliers de pierre tout en montant sa Magie. Et vers le Tour 10 il enchaîne les cartes qui boostent ses Ressources (Cavernes de cristaux), nettoie le champ de bataille avec Pour qui sonne le Glas puis invoque une flopée de petites créatures (comme des Assassins noir) qu'il fait immédiatement attaquer à l'aide de quelques Bonds temporel afin de tuer l'adversaire en 1 tour. Malheureusement pour lui le Deck Rush de Bloodlips renfermait une carte anti-Deck-combo par excellence, à savoir : la Prison. Privé de Ressource pendant un tour, et sans aucune carte sur le champ de bataille, Louis ne peut qu'assister impuissant à l'attaque décisive de Bloodlips aidé par un Mois des flammes dansantes et d'un Mande-mort Pao qui suffirent tout juste à l'achever.

01/09/2012, 00h19
Merci pour les infos à tous les deux.
Dans le forum anglais, à la suite, ils annoncent que ces deux deck vont être ré équilibré. Enfin une bonne nouvelle.

01/09/2012, 13h30
Yep, et je suis curieux de savoir ce qui va changer.

03/09/2012, 06h18
Yep, et je suis curieux de savoir ce qui va changer.

J'aimerais bien qu'il limite certain mode de jeu (full aggro par exemple) ce duel en est la preuve ce deck est ingérable . même en full autel des ombres et Bouclier de pierre.
La présence de la carte Prison la rend invincible?