Afficher la version complète : Fermeture de la Closed Beta pour maintenance

19/06/2012, 17h49
(English follows)

Bonjour à tous,

À compter de ce mercredi en fin de journée (heure de Paris), nous allons réaliser des travaux importants dans Duel of Champions, et nous n’aurons d’autres choix que de fermer la Closed Bêta quelques jours. Au cours de ces travaux, nous allons corriger des bugs, travailler sur l’équilibrage et peaufiner de nouvelles features. Bref, nous allons prendre ce temps précieux pour travailler à vous offrir la meilleure expérience de jeu possible, tout en prenant en compte vos suggestions et commentaires!

Nous allons vous tenir au courant de nos avancées et du moment de notre retour via ce forum! Nous demeurons toujours à l’écoute de vos questions, alors n’hésitez pas à nous contacter entre temps!

Merci de votre collaboration chers héros, votre dévouement quotidien représente de l’or à nos yeux, et votre enthousiasme nous pousse à constamment élever la qualité du projet!

Space E et toute l’équipe de développement à Québec

PS: profitez-en pour faire un maximum de duels avant la fermeture!


Hello everyone,

This Wednesday, end of the afternoon (Paris time), we will perform important works in Duel of Champions. We will have to unfortunately close the Closed Beta for a few days. During this maintenance time, we will fix bugs, work on balancing and polish new features. We will take this precious time to improve the game and provide you the best gaming experience possible, taking your suggestions and ideas into account!

We will keep you updated about our works and our come back time on this board. We still have ears opened to your comments, so feel free to get in touch with us at anytime.

Thanks for your help and support, your daily motivation and enthusiasm push us to constantly elevate the quality of our game!

Space E and the Quebec City development team

PS : Take these few hours left to do the most duels possible!!

19/06/2012, 18h04
Interesting, any idea of what we can expect after the beta opens again?

20/06/2012, 06h20
En espèrant que les bugs Bloombergs seront complètement supprimer ^^.

De nouvelles features ? Vous en avez trop dit ou pas assez ... y aura quoi? Allez donner nous au moins un os a ronger .

26/06/2012, 12h58
Bonjour à tous,
Je suis heureuse de vous annoncer que la closed beta revient aujourd'hui à 18h (heure française).
Profitez-en bien !

Hello guys,
I'm glad to announce we will reopen the servers to continue the closed beta today at 6pm (french time).
Enjoy! :)

26/06/2012, 14h40
So, any changes or are we sill at version 1.1.8?

26/06/2012, 15h27
Hi Huajozu,
We're still at 1.1.8. for now. The dev team is currently working on new features that we hope will be released in the next version.

26/06/2012, 19h27
So no new features yet, huh? Bummer, what purpose did taking the beta down have, if it's coming back exactly the same?

26/06/2012, 21h14
Yes :(

27/06/2012, 01h46
I haven't play the last two weeks,
I will wait the next patch and more information to play again.
c u.

27/06/2012, 08h29
yeah the same problem for me, i haven't play from 3 weeks, because, i am afraid to start all my characters, and as long as we haven't got any information about the end of the beta and what would happen with our character, i don't want to play

27/06/2012, 10h58
Well, in my opinion a complete wipe is unavoidable. The game should start fresh once it is open to everyone, otherwise a lot of people would get discouraged after they meet a super buffed deck in their first match right after the game launches. I have been in two card game betas before and they both wiped the database after beta. However they also both gave some compensation to beta testers. In one, a Sealed tournament was held at the beginning of the game that was free of charge for beta testers. In the other, all beta testers received a certain amount of packs as a thank you.

But I am also waiting for another patch, I just want to see tournaments functioning properly. How hard is it to give some gold or exp or seals as prizes? It can't be so complicated... I am at level I think 21 and getting more cards is extremely tiresome at this point.

27/06/2012, 17h53
So it seems better to wait the real launch, and see if the game is ok or not at this date, if we keep our cards it will be different of course
i think new gamers will be crunch anyway (you just need to play 48h the first 3 days) so it is not a good argument for a wipe

27/06/2012, 19h04
Because it s a ranked game with ranking, It s just impossible that we keep our cards after release.

27/06/2012, 19h35
In a game that is supposed to bring profits by selling cards, letting people keep loads of cards at release seems really counterproductive. Every beta player that keeps their cards means less potential profits for the company.

27/06/2012, 20h38
Less profits for the company for sure, but if the game is a success they will make hundreds of millions USD (more than 2 billion USD for Magic The Gathering on Line only).
And beta testers are for sure the best salers of this game. and of course it doesn t cost any money to give virtual objects.
More than that new cards will be added regulary and we will be very tempted to buy them if we have already a good collection of cards.
So Win - Win.

04/07/2012, 08h39
just a closed beta.........