Afficher la version complète : [1.1.6] Feedback and Impressions

05/06/2012, 20h11
First of all, let me apologize for using English but I don't speak French and I really wanted to voice my opinion. If this goes against the forum rules, I will understand if the post gets deleted, however, I really think non-French players should have a place to speak their mind. If there is an international forum for the beta, please point me to it, I couldn't find it.

1) I started playing a few days or perhaps a week ago and since then I have collected quite a few cards and heroes (still not nearly enough of what I would want), attained a 500 rating and won a tournament. With that in mind:
1.1 Why is the rating maxed at 500?
1.2 How did someone achieve that 501 rating?
1.3 I understand that tournaments have no prizes yet, why not just give everyone some Champion Seals as a reward? Perhaps 100 (or 50) for each win in a tournament?
1.4 The rate at which I get new cards seems somewhat slow for beta. I can't test out certain strategies because they require a lot of rares/uniques.
1.5 The distribution between C/U/R/Unique seems strange. I have lots of multiples of almost all commons but there are still uncommons I have never managed to get.

2) The general mechanics of the game seem interesting and quite sound. I can't help but compare this to MtG where three basic archetypes exist: Aggro, Control and Combo. The general understanding is that aggro beats combo, combo beats control and control beats aggro - not all of the time but the advantage is there most of the time.
2.1 Several OTK (one turn kill) comboes exist at the moment in the game. Not only are they really unfun to play against, they are also almost impossible to beat even when going all out aggro with a dedicated deck. A nerf is needed I believe to strategies centered around Last Stand and Wasteland at least.
2.2 Stronghold Enrage Aggro seems like a Tier 1 deck. It can beat literally everything (that is not OP Combo) and what's more, it does it very fast - that means more gold and experience per second spent playing.
2.3 In general Haven seems like the worst faction (though it has Prison), followed by Necropolis (it has that great Unique that returns 2 creatures, but it comes a bit too late to matter against aggro), Inferno (great aggro creatures) and Stronghold (Enrage ftw).
2.4 Uniques seem bugged because you can have more than 1 in a deck right now.

3) Client works really well and seems stable. I get disconnected sometimes because of my bad internet connection which means I automatically lose any match I was in. Also, conceding during the match sometimes doesnt award the other side gold and/or experience.
3.1 Can you implement a say 30 sec limit for reconnect for people that get disconnected due to bad internet connection? Nothing dramatic but it would really help.
3.2 I like the fact that you can concede immediately and not lose anything - you may not want to play the same opponent again or perhaps you get a terrible starting hand. However, it seems as though if you concede while you have 20 (or 18) health left, nothing will be awarded anyway. This maked control very frustrating to play because you spend your first 8 turns stabilizing the board and not dealing any damage and when you gain the adavantage, your opponent will simply concede and you won't gain anything. Make it so that you can freely concede during the first turn of the game but not after - that would count as a regular loss.

I am sure I forgot a lot but hopefully this thread will stay here for a while. Have fun everyone!

05/06/2012, 22h03
Great post. I agree with everything here.
+1 for OP :)

05/06/2012, 23h20
In response to patch 1.1.7:
Last stand now requires 3 Might - that will do absolutely NOTHING to stop the OTK from happening; something like Might 6 might have helped but even then I'm not sure. No other interesting changes sadly (apart from fixed ELO), and nothing on tournament prizes :(

06/06/2012, 08h26
3.2 I like the fact that you can concede immediately and not lose anything - you may not want to play the same opponent again or perhaps you get a terrible starting hand.

Please, think again about that, it is completelty stupid
because you spend your time waiting the good hand and the bad opponent (and your opponent the same so nobody plays anymore)

06/06/2012, 09h36
Sure, of course it can be exploited with people just waiting for a godly hand. Then again, if people did, I think word would get around pretty fast and no one would play against them. Of course, some kind of mulligan rule would be best in this situation but I will take what I can get. I mean, the rule has been around for a while and no one seems to be taking advantage of it (at least to my knowledge).

06/06/2012, 09h41
You are right, few people take advantage of this rule because they juste want to play.
For sure a mulligan rule (re draw with one card left) will be great.

06/06/2012, 09h49
As long as conceding in a tournament still counts as a loss, I'm okay with being able to freely concede in regular matches. If you think about it, once the game goes live, the most action will probably be in tournaments where you can actually win more stuff quicker (I assume) so we need to avoid exploits there. Regular matches will prolly serve more as a testing ground for decks and a chance to win some more gold.

06/06/2012, 10h09
Iy you want to test somme deck you can use the training mode (simple!)

07/06/2012, 21h18
I hate concede, people use it seconds before you crush them (with aggro) so you get much lower reward, and he get higher. :mad: I would erase the option, or a better idea, convert it to 0 HP automathicly.

Iy you want to test somme deck you can use the training mode (simple!)
I disagree, playing against a no-sense player with a terrible deck it's useless preparing a deck for a tournament.

07/06/2012, 21h38
Yeah. It's a good idea if you are testing a deck that requires little interaction from your opponent, like testing aggro curve so you can dump your hand quickly or testing combo. You can hardly test control that way to any meaningful results, though.

I think we all agree that something needs to be done about this before the game goes out of beta. I would be for allowing Mulligans and making concede drop your HP to zero.

On another note, I saw a message in the game client that the beta ends on June 11th (at least that's what I got using my very limited french). I didn't find any such info anywhere else though, so is there any truth to this?