Afficher la version complète : Parfois, des fortunes sont déplacés vers le joueur affecté, et parfois ils restent da

09/05/2012, 14h22
[EN]Sometimes fortunes are moved to the player affected, and sometimes they stay at the users area.
http://www.subirimagenes.net/thumbnails/e98df1674bb7dd2ad1da7cf50e0d0e48.png (http://www.subirimagenes.net/show-image.php?id=34b268b6103c353c3f010bef559c1598)

UPS It's a bug, please move it.

09/05/2012, 14h43
I do not think it is a bug for this one as it adds hit points to your hero every time a card is played (whereas the inferno discard a card for each one played moves to the ennemy side), bonus seeams to stay on this sport (stone shield, celestial armor...), negative effects goes to the opponent space.

09/05/2012, 14h45
Not always. I saw some stone shiled went to the opponent side for instance. It's quite buggy, but happens rarely.

09/05/2012, 15h00
And the card on the image, sometimes moves sometimes no.:confused::confused::confused::confused: