Afficher la version complète : Site abstergoindustries.com et Wikileaks

27/02/2012, 13h38
dans un mail de Alan Rikkin sur ce site (http://abstergoindustries.com/portal/, mot de passe : PFRDVJ5aLLg)
il est fait allusion au document AbstergoStructure.pdf qui serait héberger par un site mirroir Wikileaks, or ce fichier est introuvable.
Quelqu'un sait-il ce qu'il contenait ou même mieux, quelqu'un l'aurait-il téléchargé ?

28/02/2012, 12h22
Apparemment, ce document contiendrait une liste des filiales sécrètes d'Abstergo.

02/03/2012, 18h56
Voici le mail en question :

From: Alan Rikkin
To: Caroline Grey
Date/Time: December 9, 2010 10:43
Subject: RE: Guy Fawkes
A man calling himself Guy Fawkes has released a letter to wikileaks. It lists several of Abstergo’s secret divisions, names the heads of confidential programs and links us to several dangerous experiments: http://mirror.wikileaks.info/leak/AbstergoStructure.pdf. I want the letter pulled from the site and a full inquiry into the identity of the author. And don’t waste time searching for Guy Fawkes, he was involved in the French Revolution, so it’s clearly a pseudonym.

Et un autre mail dont le lien est périmé :

From: S.
To: Abstergo Industries
Date/Time: December 13, 2010 16:30
Subject: Eye-Abstergo
Associates at Abstergo Industries,
We are embarking on an exciting new research and development project that will bear fruit in as little as two years. A new technology has been discovered that will allow us to manufacture a satellite providing global coverage. Many of you have complained about the delays and breaks in communication through our current phone, internet and video-conferencing services, so this should solve all those problems.
Those who have been briefed privately on the specifics of the operation need not read on, but for employees who have not yet been updated, here is a link to the Eye-Abstergo satellite specs: www.abstergoindustries.com/eyeabstergo/satellite.html

With your help, we can continue to guide our projects safely into the future.