Afficher la version complète : Une campagne par ..Compans !!

16/08/2007, 08h36
...avec pas moins de 9 nouveaux skins de Hurri !!!


16/08/2007, 12h19
...il semble que les choses aient changé pendant mon "absence" chez 'mission4today' et qu'il faille maintenant s'inscrire pour ne serait-ce que voir ce qui est dispo d'où mon lien qui n'aboutit pas ....
Toutes mes excuses et quelques captures pour vous mettre l'eau à la bouche..











17/08/2007, 00h49
TRES BEAU ! Mais c'est du IL-2 ça ?? je peine à reconnaître le sol... la map Normandie ?

17/08/2007, 02h18
Oui map Normandie, choix de Compans qui tenait à une carte de France :


A semi-fictional, NO ICONS campaign for the RAF simulation enthusiast which will take him through the Battle of France, May 1940. My information regarding the actions of No.32 Sqn during this period is sketchy but the campaign is loosely based around the German breakthrough on May 13th and the retreat to the Channel ports. I realize the main action at this time was further to the east but I wanted to use a French map as it's more interesting than the Ardennes one.

IMPORTANT! Included are new RAF pilot voices by myself. They do include some rather rich language so best not to play through speakers when children are about. Make sure you back up the original RAF and French sound files before installing the new ones! It has been my intention to add some (at times plummy) RAF atmosphere with these new voices - they may get repetitive in places but so do the old ones. I have replaced fully a couple of the old actors. This is in no way a comment on the previous chaps. I feel they do add a bit of immersion. If you don't like them, just replace with the old ones.

Rien que pour les 9 (+ 3 déjà connus)nouveaux skins de Hurris ça vaut le coup de la télécharger ...
Il a refait le pack "voix" anglaises tout seul comme un grand ..

Voici le reste du "read me" :

IMPORTANT! Make sure you give yourself the starting rank of FLIGHT SERGEANT.

IMPORTANT! This campaign has been specifically designed for a NO ICONS environment - it will be rather pointless in places if you use them. When playing this campaign I also remove subtitles and all other modern intrusions. One of the complaints with this game is that the campaigns are stale. I've tried to add some mystery and a sense of the unknown throughout these campaign missions. If you're like me, you enjoy the pure flying aspects of the sim. As a lower rank, you should be following your No.1 and No.2 at all times. This will involve some very tight formation flying, which is accurate for the period. You'll see why it was so hard to fly in formation and keep an eye around you at the same time. If you're in doubt of how close or where you should fly in the formation, hit autopilot for a few moments. This is useful during large formation airstarts as well. Please note that the AI often take a couple of minutes to get in formation. It's sometimes worthwhile to hang back a bit whilst they get themselves situated. Cruise speed in the Hurricane will be 150mph throughout. You shouldn't have to burn out your engine catching up your section mates! In designing this campaign I have focused on the journey as much as the destination. Enjoy the look of the thing. There'll be plenty going on.
The RAF emphasized teamwork and team kills are the ones that count. Try to stick with your section at all times. Your job is to keep the enemy off your leader's arse, not to go tearing around as a lone wolf. If you do the latter you'll end up in trouble.
The sections are organized as follows:

Red Section
No.1 - GZ-E (Squadron Leader).
No.2 - GZ-J
No.3 - GZ-B (Note: you'll often get shifted to other sections. You will always
have skin 'GZ-B' and for instance 'GZ-L' will fill this spot if you are flying with yellow section).

Yellow Section
No.1 - GZ-F
No.2 - GZ-X
No.3 - GZ-L

Blue Section
No.1 - GZ-N
No.2 - GZ-W
No.3 - GZ-T

Green Section
No.1 - GZ-K
No.2 - GZ-R
No.3 - GZ-U

Please note: You will always be referred to as 'Red 3' (assuming you don't get promoted). I found the best way to place the player in a particular plane was to make his section the only instance of a particular squadron. This is my first campaign - there may well be a better way of doing it. In addition, the 'Arming' screen will be a bit meaningless, as it'll always show one section. I've tried to let you know where you're flying in the mission prologue so pay attention!

Tips for close formation flying.
Official RAF distance was 12 yards at this time. Very close by later standards. The AI seem to fly in echelon right formation. This will require you to get in very close to the aircraft on your left You should be able to clearly read his whole serial number. The speed of the AI does tend to shift a bit. If you find yourself getting in too close I find sharp (but careful) vertical movements of the joystick (generally 'up') will slow you down enough to stay in formation. It will require constant attention but that's realistic for the time. There's something very satisfying about flying in close with the powerful aircraft in front of you. Enjoy it!

Difficulty should be full with the exception of 'NO INSTANT SUCCESS' and 'NO EXTERIOR VIEW' (for take-off purposes). In addition I give myself the luxury of the speedbar, but that's entirely up to you.

Notes on the skins.
Please use 'Compans No32_GZB' skin for the entire campaign. As some of you will know, the GZ-B and GZ-L skins were created by me a couple of years ago and have proved popular. I lost my hi-res templates in a computer crash a while back, so these new ones have been created from the low-res version. I think you'll like them though. My philosophy in designing skins is to have them look right from the distances we see objects in the game. Therefore, the Hurricanes'll look the part as you see them from the cockpit. That said, you can take some nice screenies with them too but the game's the thing first and foremost. I expect the yellow roundel is not accurate for No.32 Sqn this early in 1940 but I like the look of it. Similarly, I have used a couple of my own skins for the BF 109 which are painted in a scheme for late 1940. It's a semi-fictional campaign so it doesn't worry me too much. Wherever possible I've kept the AI with default skins to keep the framerate up. My PC is very midrange but I can play all these missions with very little framerate loss.

You can contact me at:


Good luck and Per Ardua Ad Astra!

17/08/2007, 02h24
Per Ardua Ad Astra
Un canadien ?

Par contre Micksaf éfface s'il te plaît l'adresse de courrier électronique, d'autant plus que c'est celle d'un autre. A la place tu peux proposer de la transmettre par message privé sur ce même forum...

17/08/2007, 03h57
...je n'ai fait que copier-coller le 'read me' que Compans donne lui-même, et l'adresse email qu'il donne est pour le contacter pour tout problème et/ou commentaire ....
est-tu sûr que c'est celle d'un autre ??

17/08/2007, 06h55
Kintaro faisait mention au fait que je fais habituellement la chasse aux adresses mail perso, notamment des personnes qui sont peu habitués aux forums, afin de protéger leurs vies privées.

Dans le cas précis, c'est l'auteur lui-même qui distribue volontairement et en pleine conscience cette adresse mail, donc pas de souci pour moi de ce côté.

L'adresse est bien celle de Compans, Kintaro faisait juste remarquer que c'était toi, Micksaf, qui diffusait l'adresse d'une autre personne, en l'occurrence Compans.

Sinon, chouette boulot! Je crois que je vais me laisser tenter!

17/08/2007, 08h06
Pas de problème Mick, je ne savais pas que c'était un "read me" rendu publique par l'auteur lui-même.