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salut a tous
j'ouvre ce topic pour aider ceux quiu e trouve pas les 2 coffres dans les lieux secrets. pour ma part je les ais tous sauf un dans le chantier naval. Ce n'est pas celui auquel on accede par une grille cassé mais l'autre qui est visible en bas. quel qun pourrait me dire comment y accédé?

01/03/2010, 11h38
Saute en bas dans l'eau juste a gauche tu va voir une grille plonge pour passer en dessous et pour le reste tu sauras comment faire !^^

03/03/2010, 11h24
salut Skul
pourrait tu me preciser ou est cette grille a gauche siti plait?

04/03/2010, 04h28
ok c est bon j'ai trouvé merci beaucoup http://webtools.fr.ubi.com/forums/smileys/yes.png

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07/03/2010, 00h29
un petit copié collé -en anglais-pour trouver tous les coffres ds les lieux secrets.
à regarder si vous ne trouvez vraiment pas pour conserver le fun..sachant qu'il ya 2 coffres par lieux.c'est un des trucs que j'ai prefere ds le jeu.

Assassin's Tombs:
Catacombs (Santa Maria Novella)

1. This is the very first Assassin's Tomb you find. When you come to the room with the giant pillar in the middle, instead of going to the left and making your way up, go down instead to reach the first secret area and treasure chest.

2. In the crypt-type room (with the pool of water in the middle) where 4-5 guards come out of the big door and you have to climb up and pull a switch, dropping a box that raises a platform, all you have to do is fall into the lower level where the box fell. This room is filled with a coffin and human remains, and also a treasure chest.
Il Duomo (Santa Maria del Fiore)

1. This one takes place in one of the two cathedrals, where you have to climb a hundred feet into the air to reach the sarcophagus near the roof. Imagine the cathedral in the shape of a cross, where the entry hall is the longest part of the cross, this will help in how I describe the location. Anyway, once you literally almost to the highest level, you will see, in one of the "arms" of the cross-shape of the cathedral there is a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. This is the area where the chest is. Navigate across the rafters and jump onto the wall, climb to the highest part of the window in the middle, and then jump backwards and grasp the chandelier (you might want to hole "grasp" once you make the jump). Climb onto this and then onto the balcony surrounding it for a single chest.

2. Continue to make your way towards the top of the cathedral. You'll eventually come to a part of the wall that looks like the tiles/bricks are crumbling. Instead of climbing up here, go to your right and drop down below for the second secret area and treasure chest.
Torre Grossa

1. Once you emerge from the first room with three guards (wine cellar), go up the stairs to the upper balcony, and instead of going on the chandelier, swing across the two bars to the opposite side of the room for a chest. Hang from the ledge you're on and shimmy across the hand rails.

2. The next one is located in the big room right after the first one. Climb all the way to the top as normal but instead of going through the doorway, do a 180 and run up the wall here. There are ledges you can grab to take you to the rafters up above you. Navigate these to a chest at the end.
Ravaldino (Rocca di Ravaldino Fortress)

1. Right as you come into the 2nd room (really, almost immediately after the start of the level), there is water in the middle and you have to swim under a gate. Instead, at the entry way just turn left and climb up the walls to a chest. Simple.

2. Shortly after you will end up in a room with a bunch of guards, and you have to pull a switch, jump across, and pull another switch to jump across before the gates switch on you (this is the room where you have to start climbing and grabbing onto shields on the wall). Anyway, when you have to pull the FIRST switch, jump across as normal. Now look up and to your left and you will notice a bar you can grab. Run up either the gate on the opposite side of this bar, or the columns and then jump across to grab it. You want to face the wooden structure opposite you (for reference, at the bottom of it is the ladder you JUST climbed up to enter the area). Once on the bar, swing to the wooden structure, then shimmy left and jump onto the beam there. Jump off the beam onto the shield on the wall and then into the opening ahead for a chest.
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San Marco (Basilica di San Marco)

1. As soon as you start the level run across to the opposite hallway and walk normally on the balcony until you reach a block of crates in your way (covered by some white cloth). Look to your left and you can see handrails you can grab, so just hang off the ledge of the balcony and shimmy over to them. All the way across is a treasure.

2. Drop back down onto the other side of the block of crates from the first secret area and continue around the corner to the left. If you look down, you'll see some wooden beams and a golden statue painted on the far wall. You'll have to jump down onto the beams, then jump to the wall under the statue. Next, shimmy around the corner and under the arch of the small alcove, then jump to the opposite side of the arch and continue inside the alcove, where you should see the second secret area and treasure chest.
Visitazione (Santa Maria della Visitazione)

1. Proceed as normal, chasing the guard. After he runs into the big room and locks the door. Opposite to the opening you WANT to go to as normal (to the immediate right as you enter the room), you can run up the wall in the corner. You may need the climbing ability upgrade for this, but jump up and grab the ledge, jump back onto the beam and swing across for a chest.

2. As you enter the water room, go to your immediate left into the water. Hug the wall and you can see a place to climb up. Navigate this, jump across the gap and backwards as you make your way up to a treasure.
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Auditore Family Crypt

1. In the second room where you have to flip a switch and swim towards the gate to another switch, instead, go to the left as you walk through the entryway and swim under the gate there. You can climb and jump the walls to reach a chest right above the same entryway you just came out of.

2. After you make it under the forth switch's gate (you should be right by the "At Sea" tablet and the fifth switch), look to the left and you'll see some boxes. Get on the boxes and run up the wall and jump right to a beam to make it to the second secret area and treasure chest.

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Templar Lairs:
Palazzo Medici

1. Once you reach the second floor, the first room you emerge in is a dining room (or is it a conference room?) with two guards. Right after this room you climb a ladder into a room whose walls are completely covered in murals. If you notice as soon as you climb up you can hear the sound for treasures sparkling. Turn around, run up the wall and jump onto the ledge to flip a switch, opening two walls for two chests.

2. Continue on until the game says "Locate Lorenzo's Secret Room" (or something like that). This is after you cross three chandeliers in the library and are on the final leg of jumping around in the central garden area. Instead of proceeding to the final window, run up the nearby wall and climb past it across a beam and into another secret area. You can run up the wall and grab the ledge to get another chest.
Santa Maria Dei Frari

1. After you get to the checkpoint where the first wooden plank ladder falls down, continue until you come to a spot where you have to climb up little circle handholds. If you look to the left and up, you'll see more circle handholds leading up to an alcove high in the wall. This is the first secret area. Now, how to get up there? Instead of climbing up the circles in front of you, turn around and climb up the ones behind you. When you get to the top, shimmy around to the right and jump backwards onto a beam. From there, all you have to do is jump to the chandelier and across to the other circle handholds that lead up to the secret area.

2. After the checkpoint where the second wooden plank ladder falls down, make your way to the centermost area with all the stained glass windows. Jump across towards the hanging wooden platform near the windows, then jump to the window that is to your left, climb up to the beam, then jump across to the top of the next platform (I think you can also climb the windows higher and jump, but I didn't see the need). There's an alcove in the wall with the second secret area and treasure chest.
Arsenal Shipyard

1. When you first come up into the dry dock with the two halves of the ship, drop down to the lower platform by the water that's immediately in front of you. Walk around to the opposite side, where you'll see a hole with broken bars that you can go into. Jump to the first post in the water, then the second, then jump to the ledge on the wall in front of you. You'll have to jump to another ledge on the wall to the right, then shimmy left until you can jump backwards onto a platform for the first secret area and chest.

2. Jump into the water below the area where the coal fire is burning. To the left side of this area in the water is a grate with broken bars that you can dive and swim under. Once inside, there are three more grates to swim under before you can climb up onto a platform. Once on the platform, jump to the wall with the ledge and shimmy as far right as you can go before jumping right to the next ledge. Now climb up to the secret area inside the cage, get the treasure, and pull the lever to open the cage door.

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Merci beaucoup pour ce guide sur les zones secrêtes. Je l'ai longtemps cherché. http://webtools.fr.ubi.com/forums/smileys/panneau011.png