Afficher la version complète : Help Required

15/05/2021, 12h58
like many players I am by far this great novelty of UBI, the apocalypse according to UBI neon pink trend, already there is a problem for me month my kif c neon green, so before the release of this sequel to FC5, or huge UBI dlc payable full pot which makes it a game of rights, I ask the question will be able to change the color in the parameters of the game.

even if it means smoking mushrooms at least that they give us the right color, each players must be able to choose their environment. I have another problem you can also have more teleportation points at least every 100 meters, should not be abused.

will the game offer an AI level scalling system depending on the zones. or a button in the game parameters to set it.

will the difficulty itself of the game finally raise the current level of this license which for many is in perpetual descent even if it is still being sold, will there still be many disappointed, or will UBI finally we listened to give this license a slap in the face of players who are still waiting for a good FAR CRY.

24/05/2021, 15h29
Hello jason7384 and welcome to our forum!

However, you're actually on the french speaking part of it. You can find further assistance in english here (https://forums.ubisoft.com).