Afficher la version complète : Notes de patch - TU10 Phase 1 (en anglais)

22/05/2020, 12h05
Bonjour Agents,

Vous trouverez ci-dessous en anglais les modifications déployées sur le serveur PTS TU10.

New Exotics
SRS Sniper Rifle: Mantis

Your scoped view displays additional information about enemies not targeting you
Headshot and weak point damage against enemies not targeting you amplified by 50%
Headshot kills reset the cooldown of the Decoy skill. This bonus will wait until the Decoy goes on cooldown if currently active

Mask: Vile

Status effects also apply a damage over time debuff for 10s
Total damage dealt is equal to 50% of your concussion grenade damage and increased by your status effect attributes

Double Barrel Rifle: The Ravenous

On trigger-pull, fire both barrels at once
When fired from the right shoulder, hits add offensive primers, and defensive primers when fired from the left shoulder
Hits from one shoulder will detonate all of the opposite shoulder's primers when present
When detonated, each offensive primer deals 100% weapon damage, while each defensive primer grants +4% bonus armor and +10% amplified damage to armor plates for 5s
Primer effectiveness is doubled at 10 stacks

Magnum Revolver: Regulus

Headshot kills create a 5m explosion, dealing 400% weapon damage and applying bleed to all enemies hit.
High base damage

Developer comment: The Ravenous & Regulus are exclusive to the upcoming Operation Iron Horse but are present on the TU10 PTS for balancing and feedback purposes

New Gear Sets
Eclipse Protocol

Core: Skill Tier (Yellow)
2: +15% Status Effects
3: +15% Skill Haste and +30% Hazard Protection
4: "Indirect Transmission" Enemies that die while affected by your status effects spread those status effects to another enemy within 15m and refresh 50% the duration
Chest talent: "Proliferation" Increases Indirect Transmission range from 15m to 20m and refresh percentage from 50% to 75%
Backpack talent: "Symptom Aggravator" Amplifies all damage you deal to status affected targets by 15%

Foundry Bulwark

Core: Armor (Blue)
2: +10% Armor
3: +3% Armor Regeneration
4: "Makeshift Repairs" Whenever you or your shield take damage, 40% of that amount is repaired to both over 10s
Chest talent: "Process Refinery" Increases Makeshift Repairs from 40% to 60%
Backpack talent: "Improved Materials" Increases Makeshift Repairs speed from 10s to 6s

Future Initiative

Core: Skill Tier (Yellow)
2: +15% Repair Skills
3: +15% Skill Duration and +15% Skill Haste
4: "Ground Control" Increases you and your allies' total weapon and skill damage by 15% when at full armor
When you repair an ally, you and all allies within 5m of you are also repaired for 60% of that amount
Chest talent: "Tactical Superiority" Increases Ground Control damage bonus from +15% to +25%
Backpack talent: "Advanced Combat Tactics" Increases Ground Control proximity repair from 60% to 120%

New Gear Brand
Walker, Harris & Co.

Core: Weapon Damage (Red)
1: +5.0% Weapon Damage
2: +5.0% Damage to Armor
3: +5.0% Damage to Health

New Talents
Weapon Talent: Future Perfect

Weapon kills grant +1 skill tier for 15s. Stacks up to 3 times.
Weapon kills at skill tier 6 grant overcharge for 15s.
Overcharge Cooldown: 90s

Weapon Talent: In Sync

Hitting an enemy grants +15% skill damage for 5s.
Using a skill or damaging an enemy with a skill grants +15% weapon damage for 5s.
Damage increases are doubled while both buffs are active at the same time.

Backpack Talent: Adrenaline Rush

When you are within 10m of an enemy, gain 20% bonus armor for 5s. Stacks up to 3 times.
Cooldown: 5s

Chest Talent: Headhunter

After killing an enemy with a headshot, your next weapon hit within 30s deals 125% of that killing blow’s damage in addition to it.
This damage is capped to 1500% of your weapon damage.

Gameplay Changes


Reduced how many elites will spawn in the following mission:

Manning National Zoo
Coney Island Ballpark
Coney Island Amusement Park
Camp White Oak
Space Administration HQ
Federal Emergency Bunker
Wall Street
Liberty Island
Pathway Park
Stranded Tanker
The Tombs



Added all new season 2 weapons/gear to general loot pools

Targeted loot

Increased targeted loot drop chances for all mission and Control Point difficulties
Added new season 2 brand to targeted loot rotation in New York

Named Items

Increased named item drop chance in regular Dark Zone loot
Increased named item drop chance in targeted loot everywhere


Added Warlords of New York/Season 1 Exotics (excluding The Bighorn) to targeted loot
Added Warlords of New York/Season 1 Exotics (excluding The Bighorn) to general Exotic loot pools (Heroic/Legendary/Raid/Exotic Cache)
Coyote's Mask drop from Coyote no longer has a minimum season level requirement

Control Points

Removed regular weapon/gear loot containers not scaling with difficulty from Control Points
Increased the amount of scaling loot from the big Control Point reward container


Increased NPC loot drop chance for Veterans and Elites on Legendary difficulty


Added Named Items to both Open World and Dark Zone vendors
Increased prices for Named Items
Increased item quality for all vendors
Vendors no longer sell Superior quality items at maximum level

SHD Levels

Added Field Proficiency cache to SHD level-up after reaching the maximum season level
Increased crafting material rewards for spending SHD level points in the Scavenging category


Added Season/SHD experience gain on Conflict level-up

Rogue Agent Encounters

Every Rogue Agent killed will now drop loot
Rogue Agent encounters no longer occur during time trials

Control Point Officers

Players revived by a Control Point Officer will now have 80% of their armor restored (Previously 0%)
Reduced the likelihood of Control Point Officers being downed in combat


Bounties acquired by speaking to characters in the open world will always be set to the difficulty at time of acquisition or higher.
This affects the Snitch and civilians rescued during the Public Execution or Rescue Living World Activities.
Scheduled bounties, such as daily and clan bounties, are unaffected.

Developer comment: Bounties acquired in the open world should always provide challenge and loot appropriate to the world they were acquired in. Upping your global difficulty now has the added benefit of improving all bounties you acquire within it.


New Season Pass Holder Project Slot.

Season Pass holders now have access to an exclusive daily mission which provides a large bonus to XP.

Weekly SHD Requisition Project Slot

Endgame players at World Tier 5 and Level 40 now have a weekly supplies donation project which rewards them with an exotic cache.
(For World Tier 5 players, this replaces the previous daily SHD Requisition project.)

Legendary Mission Project

After TU10, completing any legendary mission will grant you the Weekly Legendary Mission project slot.
Completing the designated legendary mission will reward you with an exotic cache.

Developer comment: With the addition of "re-rolls" to exotics available through crafting, we created the new Weekly projects to provide a reliable supply of exotic components or exotic items.


Developer comment: This is a first pass at addressing TTK (time-to-kill) in PvP via global/individual weapon damage adjustments, and is not necessarily representative of final values. We will be closely monitoring PTS1 feedback in order to make further adjustments as needed, with additional tuning planned for PTS2.

Global Modifiers

Increased MMR PvP weapon damage by 12%
Reduced global PvP weapon damage by 20%
Reduced Assault Rifle PvP weapon damage by 15%
Reduced Rifle PvP damage by 5%
Reduced SMG PvP damage by 10%

Skill Modifiers

Reduced Bleed damage from Stinger Hive, Mortar Turret and Explosive Seeker Mine by 75%

Weapon Specific

Increased Double Barrel Shotgun PvP damage by 20%
Reduced Pestilence PvP damage by 10%
Reduced Classic M1A damage by 5%

Developer comment: With TU10, there have been significant buffs made to the base damage of assault rifles, SMGs, and shotguns in particular. In order to prevent those weapons from becoming overly powerful in PvP, we’ve had to lower their PvP damage modifiers to compensate.

Note: Assault rifles are still tuned to be 10% stronger than default in PvP in order to compensate for their innate Damage to Health bonus being less useful against other players when compared to other weapon archetypes.

Additional PvP Balance Adjustments (Coming in PTS2)

Negotiator’s Dilemma

Reduced the range at which marked targets can damage each other when critically hit (PvP only).
Added visual UI feedback when in range of another marked target.

Imperial Dynasty

No longer automatically applies burn status effect to the nearest enemy in range.
Now requires maintaining range and LOS (line-of-sight) for 3 seconds between the holster bearer and nearest enemy before applying the burn status effect.
Added visual UI feedback to reveal the radius of effect in PvP and an indicator for LOS between the holster bearer and nearest enemy.

Developer comment: This should help address the lack of contextual feedback in PvP, and add a much needed window of opportunity for counterplay, or potential to avoid the incoming effect entirely.


Plague of the Outcast damage-over-time effect no longer triggers True Patriot’s white debuff armor repair effect. (PvP and PvE)

Developer comment: While we like to embrace emergent or unintended mechanics when the end result is unique and fun gameplay, True Patriot’s white debuff explicitly states it requires shooting the debuffed target in order to receive the armor repair effect. Pestilence’s DoT managed to bypass this restriction, making it and True Patriot (especially when combined with Incoming Repairs) scale to disproportionate levels of power when used together.

Weapon Balance

Weapon Handling Changes

1% Weapon Handling now gives 1% Weapon Accuracy, Stability, Reload Speed, and Swap Speed, up from 0.25%.
Reduced the maximum amount of Weapon Handling rolled on gear by 4%, to a maximum of 10% at level 40.

Developer comment: In the current meta, Weapon Handling on gear is considered a dead stat with no significant benefit. In TU10, equipping a piece of gear with +10% Weapon Handling will now give you:

+10% Accuracy
+10% Stability
+10% Swap Speed
+10% Reload Speed

This should hopefully make Weapon Handling a strong complimentary attribute for players looking to increase their overall accuracy/stability (bloom + recoil) and/or reload/swap speed. Making the % amount of Weapon Accuracy/Stability/Swap Speed/Reload Speed gained from Weapon Handling 1:1 will also remove another element of arcane knowledge from the game and reduce the need for additional mental math when determining whether the bonus is an upgrade or not.

Weapon Damage Changes
Developer comment: Sidearms and Exotics are still being adjusted and will be updated in PTS Phase 2.
Some damage increases are large and might be toned down after testing.

Assault Rifles

AK-M – 15.8% damage increase
F2000 – 14.3% damage increase
Military AK-M – 13.2% damage increase
Black Market AK-M – 13.2% damage increase
FAL – 12.0% damage increase
FAL SA-58 – 12.0% damage increase
FAL SA-58 Para – 12.0% damage increase
SOCOM Mk 16 – 11.4% damage increase
Tactical Mk 16 – 11.4% damage increase
Mk 16 – 11.4% damage increase
AUG A3-CQC – 11.2% damage increase
Honey Badger – 10.9% damage increase
FAMAS 2010 – 10.6% damage increase
ACR – 9.7% damage increase
ACR-E – 9.7% damage increase
Military G36 – 9.5% damage increase
G36 C – 9.5% damage increase
G36 Enhanced – 9.5% damage increase
Carbine 7 – 7.6% damage increase
Military P416 – 7.4% damage increase
Custom P416 G3 - 7.4% damage increase
Police M4 – 6.8% damage increase
CTAR 21 – 6.2% damage increase


Classic M60 – 12.5% damage increase
Classic RPK-74 – 12.4% damage increase
Military RPK-74 M – 12.4% damage increase
Black Market RPK-74 E – 12.4% damage increase
Military M60 E4 – 9.2% damage increase
Black Market M60 E6 – 9.2% damage increase
Military L86 LSW – 8.5% damage increase
Custom L86 A2 – 8.5% damage increase
IWI NEGEV – 2.6% damage increase
Stoner LAMG – 2.0% damage increase

M249 B – No changes
Tactical M249 Para – No changes
Military MK46 – No changes
MG5 – No changes

Infantry MG5 – 3.2% damage decrease


Model 700 – 14.9% damage increase
Hunting M44 – 13.5% damage increase
Classic M44 Carbine – 12.5% damage increase
G28 – 11.4% damage increase
SOCOM Mk20 SSR – 9.3% damage increase
SR-1 - 8.6% damage increase
Custom M44 – 8.1% damage increase
M700 Tactical – 8.1% damage increase
M700 Carbon – 8.1% damage increase
Covert SRS – 6.0% damage increase
SRS A1 – 6.0% damage increase

Surplus SVD – 2.9% damage decrease
Paratrooper SVD – 2.9% damage increase


UIC15 MOD – 21.6% damage increase
1886 – 21.3% damage increase
LVOA-C – 12.1% damage increase
M1A CQB – 10.7% damage increase
Lightweight M4 – 10.5% damage increase
SIG 716 CQB – 8.7% damage increase
SIG 716 – 6.7% damage increase
ACR SS – 3.7% damage increase

SOCOM M1A – No changes
M16A2 – No changes

USC .45 ACP - 2.8% damage decrease
Urban MDR – 5.5% damage decrease
Military Mk17 – 11.8% damage decrease
Police Mk17 - 11.8% damage decrease
Classic M1A - 12.6% damage decrease


Tommy Gun – 38.8% damage increase
PP-19 – 29.6% damage increase
Enhanced PP-19 – 29.6% damage increase
MP7 – 27.5% damage increase
MPX – 20.8% damage increase
M1928 – 20.0% damage increase
P90 – 15.6% damage increase
Converted SMG-9 – 15.8% damage increase
Black Market T821 – 15.4% damage increase
Police T821 – 15.4% damage increase
Vector SBR .45 ACP – 14.7% damage increase
CMMG Banshee – 12.5% damage increase
Police UMP-45 – 12.0% damage increase
Tactical UMP-45 – 12.0% damage increase
AUG A3 Para XS – 11.8% damage increase
Enhanced AUG A3P – 11.8 % damage increase
Tactical AUG A3P – 11.8% damage increase
Converted SMG-9 A2 – 11.6% damage increase
MP5A2 – 10.0% damage increase
MP5-N – 10.0% damage increase
MP5 ST – 10.0% damage increase
Tactical Vector SBR 9mm – 5.9% damage increase


M870 Express – 23.3% damage increase
Military M870 – 23.3% damage increase
Custom M870 MCS – 23.3% damage increase
Super 90 – 23.2% damage increase
Marine Super 90 – 23.2% damage increase
Tactical Super 90 SBS – 23.2% damage increase
SASG-12 – 21.3% damage increase
Tactical SASG-12 K – 21.3% damage increase
Black Market SASG-12 S – 21.3% damage increase
SPAS-12 – 18.6% damage increase
KSG Shotgun – 9.0% damage increase

Gear Set Changes

Ongoing Directive

Main Talent

Hollow-Point Ammo is no longer dropped on kill, and instead automatically added to your active weapon when killing status afflicted enemies
Backpack Talent (New)

“Trauma Specialist”

Increases the duration of your bleed status effects by 50% and all bleed damage done by 100%
Increased 3-piece Reload Speed bonus from +20% to +30%

Tip of the Spear

Main Talent (PVE)

Aggressive Recon's weapon damage buff is now gained when dealing specialization weapon damage, instead of on specialization weapon kill

Main Talent (PVP)

Aggressive Recon's weapon damage buff is now gained when dealing grenade damage, instead of on grenade kill

Backpack Talent (New)

“Signature Move”
Increases specialization weapon damage by 20%, and doubles the amount of specialization ammo generated by Aggressive Recon

Aces and Eights

Main Talent

"Poker Face" backpack talent is now a baseline effect:
Flip an additional card on headshots

Backpack Talent (New)

“Ace in the Sleeve”
Amplifies 1 extra shot when revealing your hand

System Corruption

Main Talent

Now repairs 20% of your armor in addition to granting 50% bonus armor
Increases total weapon damage by 1% per 5% bonus armor gained, up to 20%

Striker’s Battlegear

Main Talent

Reduced the number of stacks lost on missed shots from 3 to 2
Backpack Talent

No longer reduces number of stacks lost on missed shots
(New) Increases total weapon damage gained per stack of Striker's Gamble from 0.5% to 0.65%.

Brand Set Changes

Overlord Armaments

Increased 2-piece Accuracy bonus from +10% to +20%

Douglas & Harding

Increased 2-piece Stability bonus from +10% to +20%
Increased 3-piece Accuracy bonus from +10% to +20%

Fenris Group AB

Increased 2-piece Reload Speed bonus from +10% to +20%
Increased 3-piece Stability bonus from +10% to +20%

Developer comment: This together with the change to Ongoing Directive was done to make Accuracy/Stability/Reload Speed have a more noticeable benefit on brand/gear set bonuses alongside the improvements to Weapon Handling.

Talent Changes

Leadership: Bonus Armor increased to 15% from 12%
Spike: Skill Damage Duration increased to 15s from 8s
Reformation: Skill Repair Duration increased to 15s from 8s
Creeping Death: No longer goes on cooldown if there are no valid nearby enemies to apply a status effect to. Status effects applied now properly copy the source status effect’s damage and duration.

Skill Changes

When Shock Trap’s active duration ends, its cooldown is refunded an equal number of seconds that it was active.
Stinger Hive, Mortar Turret, and Explosive Seeker Mine now display its Bleed Damage and Duration

Bug Fixes

Fixed the Gunslinger talent icon. No longer uses the Gunslinger emote icon
Fixed Empathic Resolve talent to no longer buff’s a skill’s owner when a skill proxy is healed
Fixed Trauma talent to correctly scale with the Status Effects attributes
Fixed Unstoppable Force talent to no longer trigger when your own skills die
Fixed FPS drops related to having Rogue Agents in your proximity
Fixed FPS drops in Invaded Dark Zone during extraction
Fixed FPS drops in Invaded Dark Zone when new group member joins the session
Fixed various FPS drops encountered in main missions.
Fixed crashes experienced by AMD Ryzen 1000 series CPU’s users
Fixed Striker’s Battlegear gear set gaining stacks from shooting group members, dead bodies and friendly NPC’s
Fixed a location in Tidal Basin stronghold where players could get stuck
Fixed a location in Roosevelt Island stronghold where players could get stuck
Fixed an unreachable ammo box in the Roosevelt Island mission
Fixed a bug causing players to be unable to abandon the Liberty Island mission under certain circumstances
Fixed not being able to see chat when in a downed or dead state
Fixed a location in DARPA Research Lab that would not drop loot near the player from enemies in an unreachable area
Fixed a bug allowing players to bypass the Liberty Island boss fight
Fixed multiple occurrences of the respawn button being available despite group wipe when fighting Rogue encounters
Fixed control point UI incorrectly displaying normal difficulty regardless of global difficulty
Fixed not being able to choose difficulty on sub Level 40 characters, if a Level 40 character have Heroic global difficulty active on the account
Fixed the Hard Wired talent resetting the Chem Launcher cooldown when firing the Chem Launcher
Fixed weather effects and grass sometimes present in sewers
Fixed an issue causing the True Sons tank firing animation to desync
Fixed Cleaner engineer weakpoint being targetable by the Firefly despite being destroyed
Fixed players being able to see enemy health bars while blinded.
Fixed missing blueprint name in the reward unlocked UI prompt.
Fixed an issue causing the Airburst Seeker Mine to not explode under certain circumstances
Fixed various occurrences of NPC’s getting stuck
Fixed a location on the Wharf Conflict map that would render players invulnerable
Fixed Tidal Basin stronghold not being on the leaderboards
Fixed a placeholder icon present when the Shock Trap is affected by a debuff
Fixed Negotiators Dilemma marks incorrectly staying active on players after respawning
Fixed inconsistencies in the weekly invaded mission rotation
Fixed players being able to detonate Sticky Bombs when affected by the disruption effect
Fixed friendly control points sometimes showing manhunt symbols when in another players group
Fixed SIG 556 not granting materials when deconstructed
Fixed a T-pose caused by interacting with the in-game store when having the minigun equipped.
Fixed the leaderboard incorrectly showing information from the previously viewed mission
Fixed some UI elements being partially off screen when in the Seasons menu
Fixed the Plague of the Outcasts debuff incorrectly spreading to mechanical NPC’s.
Fixed Reanimated Global Event kills from group members not counting as progression
Fixed Reanimated kills not counting if the reanimated NPC does not shoot after being reanimated
Fixed “Improved Sticky Payload” not increasing stats for several Sticky Bomb variations
Fixed several ladders not being climbable in the open world
Fixed a Grand Washington Hotel progression blocker caused by enemies getting stuck in spawn closets
Fixed Polarity Switch Global Event progress counting in missions with no Global Event modifier active
Fixed inventory UI showing an incorrect number of mods stored
Fixed “Decoy Housing Shell” not increasing health value of the Decoy
Fixed “Trap Charge Improvement” not increasing duration of Repair and Shrapnel Traps
Fixed Polarity Switch Global event modifier not updating if activated after starting a mission
Fixed an issue allowing instant reload of weapons by swapping over to an empty weapon and back
Fixed the Space Administration HQ mission being completable without defeating all enemies.
Fixed incorrect Skill stats shown when having a skill at least at Skill Tier 1 and which is not equipped
Fixed description inconsistencies between the Pulse skill and its skill mods
Fixed description inconsistencies between the Hive skill and its skill mods
Fixed players incorrectly taking armor damage when reviving a teammate with the Shield equipped
Fixed multiple skill mods not increasing the radius of Airburst and Mender Seeker Mine
Fixed multiple skill mods increasing the charge speed of the Jammer Pulse
Fixed the loading screen not updating the progress bar when accepting a group invite on PS4
Fixed Drone skill pathfinding causing it to get stuck under certain circumstances
Fixed the Plague of the Outcasts debuff occasionally not jumping over to another target
Fixed an incorrectly setup spawn closet near the Ivy Tunnel Control Point, causing NPC’s to get stuck
Fixed Striker’s Battlegear not counting shotgun pellets individually for stack gain
Fixed Public Executions spawning too many NPC’s on Challenging difficulty and above
Fixed various locations where players could get stuck in the open world
Fixed a location where the player could fall through the map in the open world