Afficher la version complète : Liste des problèmes connus - Mise à jour 11 [8/10/2020] [EN ANGLAIS]

13/03/2020, 10h56
Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste des problèmes les plus fréquemment signalés par la communauté. Ces derniers sont en cours d'investigation par l'équipe de développement. Les informations suivantes sont en anglais uniquement. Merci pour votre compréhension !

Please Note: This list is not exhaustive and may not include all issues present in the current build.

The Total Discharge's Pulse along with the exposure icons do not show when performing a cover-to-cover action near hostiles.
The "Combat Booster" talent buffs from the "Memento" exotic backpack will not trigger if a combat booster was picked up without the backpack equipped.
Global directives don't work if the session owner disconnects, the new party leader starts a mission with directives and after they give the lead back to the session owner to set the directives globally.
The player remains behind the shutter door if he rolls backwards when the "Gather with your team" timer reaches zero.
Loot tables are incorrect for containers in Legendary missions.
The Memento's long-term buff disappears and will not reappear again after reaching max stacks.

This is a UI bug, the buff is still active, but is not reflected on the UI.


Loot cannot be found after the player signs out/in or quits the game during the "prevent furnace explosion" timer after the boss is killed.
Raid level doesn't change if a Level 40 player joins a session where all agents are Level 30.
The train's cannon will disappear if the Raid group quits during Captain Freiser encounter.
The doors close in front of the agent if they step out of the room in the last moment during the "Wait for the other agents" timer.

The Summit

The UI does not update when the player gets disconnected and respawn at the start of the section he was playing in The Summit.
There are no UI elements for the Manhunt present in the Menu or Megamap whilst inside The Summit.
Doors sometimes do not open while players stay idle during the whole encounter at certain locations.
Players can drop down from a ledge and get stuck between the floors of the elevator at certain locations.
Players can remain stuck inside a Server Rack when dropping down from it while moving backwards at certain locations.

Season 3 issues which have been brought to our attention:

Deployed skills becoming invisible.
Players equipped mods are unexpectedly changing attribute or function.
Players are not receiving apparel event keys after the specified required level-ups.