Afficher la version complète : Guide pour la Bêta Ouverte + Liste des Problèmes Connus (ANGLAIS)

12/04/2019, 12h31
Bonjour à tous,

Vous trouverez ici (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/2036873-EN-Anno-1800-Open-Beta-Guide) un guide pour la Bêta Ouverte d'Anno 1800, et voici la liste des Problèmes Connus.
Notez que toutes ces informations sont en Anglais.

Problèmes Connus (12.04.2019)

DX12: Game crashes on start.
Playing a session, and starting a new one over and over can lead to a crash
On game launch the integrated GPU is addressed by the game not the dedicated GPU
Graphical corruption is present when AMD Crossfire is activated
Uplay overlay shade is not correctly displayed on AMD GPUs if title loaded with DirectX 12

Ships on "passive defensive" stance do not defend themselves
Pick up miners objective can't be completed due to missing objects to pick up in Heigh oh Happy Resident Quest
Public Mooring object won't be adjusted to the terrain surface when being moved
Destruction tool red color is not properly seen on quay elements
AI does not take workforce into account
Upon deleting the connecting tile on a t-crossing the next tile will transform in a functional end-track tile
Specialists can arrive on islands that are not the most attractive
Happiness not updated once a production building is deleted
Placeholders are present for some goods dropped from pirates ships
Diseased ship do not attack enemies although cursor type changes to attack-type
Two pirates in South America
Victory & Lose: AI wins surprisingly the game
Powerplant stops working if workforce supply is below 100%
Missing Minimap Marker in Destroy Quests
"Reminder" message appears instead of the "Ready to hand in your quest" when clicking on second or third party Lighthouses and all requirements for Voluntary Quest were met
Chocolate is never previewed or unlocked in moderate
Bridges of the same type can not be build in the same place after demolishing
Escorting ships can fall far behind the to be escorted ship
Blueprints are visible when taking in game photos
Play time is running faster if you play on fastest game speed
Animals don't disperse properly when no forest is present
Cargo - Flotsam bounces several times then remains floating above the water
Photo quest UI visible on screenshots used in the newspaper
Powerplant stops working if workforce supply is below 100%

Objective for "Toast to the Future" is missing
Main beach of Bright Sands cannot be built on

There are some lines in the diplomacy menu that don't trigger any audio.
UI Island Bar workforce menu popups causing audio issue
Missing Ui sounds on several screens

Stretching "Harbor Quay" through all map leads to severe FPS drop and micro-freezes for all players in session
Occasionally the expeditions cannot be completed in the quick match mode until the player reboots the title
FPS drops down while spamming in Multiplayer chat
Uplay nickname of the multiplayer participant is displayed as previous Player's nickname after loading the savegame and inviting a new Player instead of the old one
Treaties menu is empty if player is in alliance since session start
Player cannot be re-invited to the saved multiplayer match if he/she is not in Uplay friend list of the Player who is loading the savegame
Players get infinite loading screen of multiplayer game session when the host leaves the title while loading screen
Cancel Player invitation button has no icon in the "Invited Friends" field of multiplayer lobby

/ L'équipe Anno

14/04/2019, 15h30
Ok! I am french and my English need a big update !!
I had two quest no valided : I am just describe the quest because i don't remember the name and translate in English…

the fist one : put the back bear in the zoo … i made it but the quest was not valided and i must abort it.

the second one : given by a farmer : build a news paper stand on her island , I don't find where is the island so I build a news parer stand on all my island… quest no valided...etc

15/04/2019, 10h10
Bonjour Casosad,
Bien que le poste soit en anglais, tu es dans la partie francophone du forum, tu peux donc nous écrire en français.
Ton premier point concernant le problème de l'ourse noir dans le Zoo a été remonté à l'équipe du jeu qui enquête sur celui-ci, merci de ton signalement.
Pour le second, comme la beta n'est plus accessible, tu ne pourras pas nous fournir des captures d'écrans pour étayer celui-ci.
Si, au futur, tu rencontres le moindre problème sur Anno 1800, n'hésites pas à nous le signaler dans la partie idoine (https://forums-fr.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/777-Anno-1800-Entraide-Communautaire) du forum, en donnant le maximum de détails ainsi que des preuves visuelles.

22/04/2019, 09h59
idem que le collègue plus haut, je suis une bille en anglais.
Donc je ne sais pas si le problème recensé par bon nombre de joueurs sur des forums sont prévu en correction

Le fait de ne pas pouvoir activer les diverses quêtes proposer en bac a sable, j'ai beau y amener un navire pour activer une escorte, rien ne ce passe.
Idem pour activer un "transport" de matériau pour une quête, de le navire y est, impossible de l'activer.

Le système de frêt est pas mal penser, mais le serai encore mieux si il fonctionnai. Je me retrouve avec une île de "récolte" d'ou aucun frêt ne part alors que les stock sont plein à ras, et les navire de frêt attendent bêtement devant le port ...

Le jeu est sympa, mais je pense que vous avez clairement du mal avec DX12, que ce soit anno ou the division, obliger d ejouer en DX11 sous peine d'avoir un plantage toutes les 15 min

23/04/2019, 10h58
Bonjour legalize77100,

Navrés d'apprendre que tu rencontres des problèmes de jeu.

N'hésite pas à publier ton post dans la section Entraide Communautaire (https://forums-fr.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/777-Anno-1800-Entraide-Communautaire) afin que nos Agents du service Support puissent te venir en aide. :)