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04/04/2019, 11h10
First of all i spend 100 $ on this game .
I don't wanted to buy it at first, because i played TD1 and lets by honest it was a frustrating game , but also i spend a lot of time on it and had a lot of fun on it !
Even with all this bug's .
I could test the alpha , but judge that will by not fair , the beta was oke , some bug's , but oke again its a beta !
I thought its a good start , so lets give them a chance , and i buy the ultimate edition to support the game !
But omg i was wrong , nothing change , its more shiny , graphics are sharp en the world is full of activity !
There stop the positive comments .
This game have more bug's then a jar of honey in the middle of the summer .
DX12 crash all the time , mike and delta comes regularly visit me , micro interruption , game crash , stuck on ladders , invisible barriers , invisible rooms , enemy that disappear,shoot true walls and 1 could continue 15 more minutes .
Maybe one more positive stuff , the loot , its massive but it turn negative because you have 150 space in your stash !!
Builds are more complicated then in TD1 ,so you keep the stuff, bag full , stash full, lets spend 30 min to clear all that .
20 min later , lets clean again so much stuff i like it ! On and on and on .
Do this 5 times and you done with it .
And no, use another character as mule make it more complicated .
More loot great idea , but make it work is a fail .
My biggest concern , solo player !
Ohh men that dude is screw , its not fun to play solo , you get rekt so easily .
Bounty on hard become already complicated , sure when enemy's close to the area come join the party .
Health and armor are broke , you don't need it .
But that result quickly in a npc sending you to the checkpoint .
Bullet sponge enemy , but the player need 5 bullets to by rekt.
It make me feel like , let's make it harder so that player spend more time in the game .
Other game's did it and its not a working recipe .
Pvp player have by forgotten also as the solo player .
This game is full of good ideas , but the execution is not there .
Now on state of the game they announced , buf , nerf , fix and so on !
But no , a game have to by finish when you sell it , when i start gaming long long time a go , the game you buy was finished .
Today , you launch the game when you pertinently know its not finish , but he , lets use free players to test our game .
We don't have to pay them , no no the pay us to play a unfinished game , give us free feedback and we will fix time to time the game .
And i am sure you all laugh of us with a beer in your hands !!
Its quite simple , this game will never have the longevity of TD1 .
I am over 100 hours and i already want quit it .
I have convince friend to buy it , after 1 week they give up and don't play anymore .
Sad to say that i don't believe in this franchise anymore .
TD2 should have by spot on , and its not .
Sorry fore the not so fun reading of my comment , but English is not my native language .

Salutation of a almost retiring agent

04/04/2019, 13h15
Hey, this is the french forum here, maybe you must to post your message on the English forum ?


04/04/2019, 13h44
you right , but i can't delete my post .
A mod have to do it .