Afficher la version complète : TD2 beta feedback

10/02/2019, 19h30

Thanks for that great game experience ! Creating a sequel for The Division, best game ever, was rather impossible, and you made it, guys ! A big up ! I've been playing for several hours, teaming up or by myself, and I felt somehow familiar with the gameplay, and not-so-familiar at the same time. The city reminded me TWD dystopian urban space. Great thing also to have mixed underground / ground level on the same map.
My offs, however :
- a lack of contrast, the scenes are far too dark, it's very hard to see any details, including ennemies. The gamma setting is definitely not an option ;
- there is a sound issue, which could only be stopped by quoting the game : LMG permanent sound, seeker mines, incendiary vehicles as well ;
- the "agent calling for backup" permanent message ;
- and imo, a slight disappointment with the somehow weird futuristic things, such as dog-robots, healing mines, far too Gears of War-like.
Thanks by advance for making it even better !

10/02/2019, 20h58
there is an option to disable the message "agent calling for backup"

your Contrast and sound bug will be fix (beta state)