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18/01/2019, 10h21
Ghost Recon Wildlands Known Issues List – Updated 01/03/2019

The more cases we are able to analyze for the issues we’re investigating, the more efficiently we are able to diagnose the cause. If you have any screenshots, videos, or relevant system files (e.g. DxDiag) of an error occurring, please share them with our Ubisoft Support Team (https://support.ubi.com/) or in the Technical Support section of the forums (https://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/1549-Technical-Support).

The following issues are currently being investigated by the Development Team.

[PC] Crashes with Nvidia GeForce RTX cards

Players are reporting crashes on PC’s using the GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card.
Dev Update: We are working very closely with our partners at NVIDIA to identify the reason for the crashes and to assist in creating a solution as quickly as possible.

We completely understand your frustration with the NVIDIA RTX GPU crashes, as well as the ongoing nature of this problem and we'll update you with more information as soon as possible.

Guerrilla Mode

Survivor T-shirt and Survivor Pants are not awarded

Survivor T-shirt and Survivor Pants are not unlocked in Ghost Mode after winning a Horde Mode session

AI Teammate Outfit Customization Reset

AI teammates customization resets after entering the next horde mode session

Infinite Loading in Guerrilla Lobby

A user can remain on an infinite loading screen if they joins a friend’s Guerrilla Lobby right after dying/losing the objective in a Guerrilla session

Discrepancy of Scraps Gained in Tier Mode

Discrepancy between the notification and Guerrilla Mode HUD scraps gains when Tier is active

[Co-Op] Incorrect Death Count at End of Match

Incorrect death count present on the end match scoreboard

[Co-Op] No Feedback about Teammate Death

There is no feedback about a dead teammate in co-op.

Silent Spade

Silent Spade M2 mission fails as "Timed Out"

Silent Spade M2 mission fails as "Timed Out" without a clear motive if the user goes away from keys or does any other objective after the interrogation part

Stuck in Respawn Loop

Players have reported being stuck in a respawn loop when specific factors occur while in the Silent Spade mission.

Unable to Collect Kingslayer File on Second Playthrough

Players have reported being unable to collect a Kingslayer file during the second playthrough of the Silent Spade mission if they did not collect the files during the first playthrough.
WORKAROUND: This issue occurs when the player has the “El Commandante” mission also available. To ensure you do not miss any files, we advise you to finish “El Commandante” before taking on the Silent Spade operation.

Ghost War PvP

Sapper Mines

The cap on the number of mines Sapper can deploy is too high.
STATUS: Our team plans to reduce the number significantly to better balance the class. We will update with more information when we have it.

Sapper Drone Health

The health of the Sapper drone is too high.
STATUS: Our team plans to reduce the health to a level similar to other drones in Ghost War. We will update with more information when we have it.

[Guerilla] Guerrilla’s smoke screen doesn’t cancel sensor grenade effect

Guerrilla’s smoke screen does not cancel out the Vanguard’s sensor grenade ability.
DEV NOTE: This is a design choice by our PvP team. They wanted it to function comparable to the Echelon Scanner. If you have feedback around the balancing of Guerrilla's smoke, please let us know!

Matchmaking failure/ELO loss

In some cases, failure to create a match results in a leaving penalty/ELO loss.

Destructible objects become invisible when player moves away

In some instances, destructible objects may not be visible when moving away from them, resulting in instances where players’ bullets are stopped by invisible objects.

Completing incorrect challenges

Players have reported getting credit for completing incorrect in-game challenges.

Invincible leaves

Players report that when shooting through some types of vegetation, the bullets don’t hit.
DEV NOTE: This issue is tied to a complex system we use to determine how much cover objects/vegetation provide from bullet/weapon penetration. When PvP was released, we found that certain objects that looked like they should provide ample cover were not doing so for many different types of weapons, not just those specifically designed to destroy cover.

In order to make this more enjoyable and intuitive for our PvP players, our team decided to adapt this system, which has resulted in a more player-friendly experience overall; however, certain specific vegetation types are more difficult to penetrate than is intuitive to the player. Our team is looking into possible solutions to reduce frustration with the invincible leaves issue. We will keep you informed on this topic when we have more information.

[FIXED – SPECOP 4] [PC] Controller Aim Assist Not Working

Players have reported that Aim Assist turns itself off when you exit the controller menu.

[FIXED – SPECOP 4] [TOXIC] Smoke Doesn’t Damage

Players have reported that in certain circumstances Toxic’s gas drone did not do expected damage.
Dev Note: Any further details you can provide to our Ubisoft Support team (which map it occurred on, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.

[FIXED – SPECOP 4] [TOXIC] SR-635 Mag Reduction

The magazine reduction of the SR-635 for Toxic planned for SpecOp 3 was not implemented.

[IMPROVEMENTS – SPECOP 4] Prone Glitching

Players have reported a few specific areas in which the character model can glitch through objects while prone.
Dev Note: There have been improvements made in the Special Operation 4 update. (www.ghostrecon.com/specop4patchnotes)

PvE/Campaign/Ghost Mode

[Silent Spade] Optical Camo texture issue on female character

In certain circumstances, texture issues appear on a female character while the Optical Camo is active. This does not impact the Optical Camo stealth boost.

[Silent Spade] Incorrect weather shown through Optical Camo

In certain circumstances, incorrect weather is shown through the character model while the Optical Camo is active. This does not impact the Optical Camo stealth boost.

[Operation Archangel] Multiple Twitch appearances

Players have reported Twitch showing up twice during Operation Archangel.

Laser scope misalignment

Players have reported a slight misalignment with a laser scope on the HK416.

Rebel vehicle drop-off

Players report having vehicles dropped on them or vehicles being located in unreachable areas.
STATUS: The team is currently investigating possible solutions to improve this system.
DEV NOTE: Adjusting this system would require a comprehensive overhaul of several other key systems that impact the vehicle drop feature. We understand your dissatisfaction with this issue and your feedback is known throughout the Development team. We are still investigating possible adjustments that could reduce frustration with the Rebel drop-off system.

Caveira texture issues with certain scopes

Players report certain AR scopes cause texture problems while lying prone with the Caveira icon.

Missing suppressors

Players have reported that some of their weapons’ suppressors are missing.

Players stuck underneath DIY truck

Players report getting stuck underneath DIY truck when they fall upside-down into water.

Enemy spawning after fast travel

Players report having enemies spawn on top of them after fast travel.
STATUS: Improvements in Special Operation 3 (http://www.ghostrecon.com/specop3patchnotes)

Attachments clipping while prone

Players have reported minor clipping issues when in a prone position with some weapon attachments.
STATUS: Improvements in Special Operation 3 (http://www.ghostrecon.com/specop3patchnotes)

[FIXED] Incorrect rewards for reaching Tier 1

Players are reporting that they are receiving 300 Prestige Credits instead of 3000 and a weapon skin upon reaching Tier 1.

[PS4] [PHOTO MODE] Crouching Teammates Glitch

Players have reported NPC teammates glitching through the ground in Photo Mode under specific circumstances.

[PHOTO MODE] NVG Position Reset

Players have reported that the NVG position resets while in Photo Mode.
WORKAROUND: This bug does not appear in co-op Photo Mode. If you would like to capture a photo of your Ghost with NVGs down, you can do so in a co-op session.
Dev Note: This bug is a side effect of a larger system setting that was implemented to make our Photo Mode as stable as possible. We have investigated possible solutions; however, they affected the overall stability of the mode in such a way that we were not comfortable making further changes. Our team has decided to prioritize overall stability and user experience in this matter.

We know that this is frustrating for members of our community who wanted to capture their Ghosts with the NVGs down in solo Photo Mode, for that we apologize and appreciate your understanding.


Incorrect NVG Filter

New NVG helmets do not display the correct filter.

Wrong Battle Crate Pack (x10) purchased/Wrong selection in store after credits purchase

Players have reported the ability to purchase the wrong variety of crate in specific instances.

Clipping on Hiking Backpack

Hiking Backpack clips through Molle Vest on Male Character Models and the Cross Draw Vest on Female Character Models

Drone Pilot IBA Clipping on Female Character

Drone Pilot IBA clips in certain locations on Female Character Model in the prone position

Incorrect Character Proportions while using Adaptation Jacket

Female Character Model arms are incorrectly proportioned while wearing the Adaptation Jacket with selection of vests

Tactical Tailor MAV Clipping

Tactical Tailor MAV clips through backpacks while in prone position in certain circumstance

Missing Patches on Heavy Riot Control Vest

Missing patches from "Heavy Riot Control" vest on both arms

Facial Details while Equipping Gorka Outfit

Some Facial Details change or disappear after equipping the Gorka Outfit


Missing story intel

Some players have been reporting missing intel in some regions of the world.
WORKAROUND: Please try the following workaround: Join another player in co-op; when starting the game up, the mission will pop in-game for the affected player.