Afficher la version complète : Rainbow Six: Siege, new map "Fortress" trailer & new offer released!

10/11/2018, 10h45
Rainbow Six: Siege, New Map "Fortress" Trailer &
New Offer Open to the public !!

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Rainbow Six: Shizu, new map and new offer released!


Rainbow Six Seasons, a strategic FPS game launched in 2015
New offers and trailers for the new map fortress have been released.
It seems to be a long-term game that keeps updating content.
Of course, if an offer is paid for, it is paid for ...

First of all, it is the appearance of fortress which is new map. The description of the map is in the southern Morocco region
It is a symbolic building made of bricks and clay.

And it's a map based on the ability of new offers to come out with this map for the first time.
It is. I will explain below about the offer.

It's been a while since I folded Rainbow Six's,
Every time I get a new map, it feels like a very difficult game.
Because you know the structure of the map, the skill of the game changes.

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I have not been able to adapt every time a new map comes out.
This map is also quite complicated and difficult.

New maps and maps in the Atlas Mountains
They are crew members from the MPs of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Once the skills of the defense offerings have been delivered in rumor style,
It is said to have a 360 degree view from the top of the hill.

I'm holding that telescope, but I do not think I'll take 360 degrees with it.
I wonder what kind of skill will use the skill.

So far, the information about the agent has not been communicated correctly, and it seems to be over.