Afficher la version complète : Banned Beceause Other Players

21/10/2018, 13h57
Ubisoft i got banned 2 times for sayig a small word beceause a person asked me too write it or manipulate and now i got banned for 2 hours playing rainbow six siege its not fun too get banned by a word like 'Paki' or writing dabbing backwards beceause people said too me 'type dabbing backwards' and i got banned for 30 min , then i got banned for 2 HOURS beceause someone said 'type pakistan without stan' and then my 2 hours ban pls fix this beceause many players suffer of these tiny words there might even be more.

21/10/2018, 15h48
First : You're on the wrong forums.
Secondly : You're the one who should stay alerted when someone you don't know tell you to write something, because there's 99% chances they want you to get banned. Everyone is learning the lesson after the first kick.
And nobody is going to help you here, this is the forums, not the technical support. And the technical support won't help someone for just 2 hours of ban.