Afficher la version complète : Notes de Patch - 15 Décembre

15/12/2017, 11h36
Bonjour à tous, un nouveau patch est à présent disponible pour Steep.

Voici les notes, en Anglais pour le moment :

Korean language wasn’t supported by the game on European consoles. The Korean language is now available.

Due to the usage of an EnhancedInstructionSet that is not compatible with i5 1st gen and old AMD, some PC players couldn’t play Steep since December 4th. This is now fixed and PC players can again play Steep.


One flag was misplaced in the Downhill event causing scoring issues. This flag was put back to the right place.
We fixed several issues on the journey walkthrough.
Only 14 languages were supported for subtitles on European consoles so far.
Watching Replays, we’ve identified some players were able to score extra points riding in slow motion. We fixed that exploit.
We fixed several grind bugs in Alaska
We fixed some crash issues.

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15/12/2017, 14h00
Toujours impossible de lancer le jeu sur ps4 erreur !