Afficher la version complète : Watch dogs fan film !

28/01/2016, 01h15
Hello everyone :D

Me and some friends did a video about Watch Dogs and we think its pretty decent, but we still need some advice to be better in others videos to come :p !
All negative/positive comments are well accepted if they are constructive, and will be very well considered. We tought it was a good idea to post the video here since everyone here is a fan/player of watch dogs so you can even more enjoy the content !

As I said we need you're tought about the videos it will help us in the neer futur ! We all hope you enjoy it. Good viewing :D


30/01/2016, 09h09
Hi buddy,

It was a job well done. It was a great fan film.

Keep up the great work! Thank you!

Have a good weekend.